… And They Call Me Gringa

I get so angry at people in this country sometimes, for many different reasons.  Not only Dominicans, but people in general.  A true test of patience, of which I have very little.  I went through the mountains the other day, the guagua driver was more interested than the little chica beside him than watching the road.  I truly objected to the blatant disregard for his passengers well being.  I was very vocal on that.  He then watched the road.  I admit, I’m still creeped out by our accident of May 30th and that makes me really testy.  The way I see it, “it’s my life in your hands and damn straight I’m going to bitch you out if you’re putting me at risk.”  I have that right, we all do!  Drivers here leave a lot to be desired.  Not all are bad, but certainly not all have skills.  As I mentioned to a friend, “if you need to pass a car, you don’t do it on a solid yellow line at a hairpin curve where you don’t see the oncoming traffic (cause of our accident from which I am STILL healing, https://locagringa.wordpress.com/2014/06/01/cordillera/);  if you wander into the oncoming lane you are clearly not paying attention;  and, if you HAVE to be in the oncoming lane and and you are not passing another vehicle, you are driving too fast for the road conditions, in this case, those being hilly curves … so … slow it down.”  I am really anal when it comes to driving.  Not many are aware that I used to drive truck.  Yes, I was a professional and that makes me more critical.

Yesterday, I had the BEST guaguita driver I’ve ever had.  He was amazing.  Not once did he wander where he shouldn’t have.  And guess what … it took all of another 3 minutes to get to our destination.  Imagine that.  3 more minutes and good driving vs dangerous driving <insert sarcasm>.  He was deserving of the highest praise!  Which of course I gave him when disembarking and thanking him for a safe journey.

Many other things irk me.  Then … comes a reminder why I love it here!  God bless these little reminders!

Yesterday, the cutest little boy with unruly hair, of about 11 ish years of age hollers with a big grin and wave, “Gringa!”  He had such a bright smile exuding joy!  I hadn’t talked to him in a little while and it warms the heart to be greeted so warmly even if it is a hollered “Gringa.”  I’m still not a fan of not being addressed by my given name, but, I’m getting used to the lack of political correctness in this country.  Jajaja, at least it was Gringa he called me and not Gordita!  White woman or fat lady?  I think I’ll take being called Gringa over other possibilities 🙂  All the kids in the community call me Gringa.  I’m no longer insulted 😀

Then, this adorable little toddler runs up to me holding his hands up, “Tia!”, he called, … “pick me up,” his hands implied.  With this adorable little moreno in my arms (being politically incorrect like the people here … see … blending in), I look from person to person, “who’s kid is this?”  I had never seen this child before, and yet, to him I was Tia.  High praise indeed.  I asked him how old he was.  He responded that he was 5, I raised an eyebrow to his abuela and she shook her head and countered with 2.  He was intelligent enough and talked as well as any 5 year old.  Smart little boy.  Shortly after, seated on the passola, hand on the brake, and getting ready to move on, he raced around to the right hand side of the bike and pushed the start switch!  Vrrrrrrrrrroom went the bike.  That elicited a very wide grin from the toddler who was happy with his accomplishment.  Note to self, never ever leave your keys in the ignition.  Just another little urchin that I could bring home to love.  This makes the 2nd child to hold his arms out to me for a pick-me-up!  The first was Hilary.  https://locagringa.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/y-la-gente-for-hilary/  This warmth, does not come often!

This … leaves me wanting …

I think I’m going to seek out more of this.  Clearly my heart belongs to 2 year olds.


Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and https://locagringa.wordpress.com


4 responses to “… And They Call Me Gringa

  1. It is a beautiful thing when children open their heart to you. How can you not reciprocate? It is the perfect antidote to the irksome frustrations that upset us. Bendiciónes! 🙂

  2. Oh boy, I’ve had some terrifying public car rides in my time. It’s like they don’t value their lives as much as do or something! LOL!

    • You would think eh :/ Yet, if they get hurt themselves there’s a lot of tears, or if they loose a loved one, and every family seems to have lost a loved one here by way of a motor vehicle accident or violence. And yet, they never (as a society) learn.

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