H is for – Happiness

I’ve been thinking that my posts of late have taken a turn too serious and that it’s time to lighten up a little.  Some time ago my friend Jessica would post 3 daily happy thawts (yes … not thoughts 😉 poetic license!).  Her happy thawts were directed at what happened during the day that she was grateful for.  I always enjoyed where she went with this.

I thought it was a great idea for building self moral and self esteem.  Though I thought it a good idea, ouff, I can never remember to keep it up.  Sort of the same with praying to God.  Not that I disbelieve, not that I’m against prayer, not that I’m disinterested, I simply forget to pray!  Or, I get started and them my mind wanders and I never finish praying.  And always, always, I feel guilt, remorse and inadequacy.  But hey, God’s good with it, after all he made me right?

So I decided to stick with what I’m good with.  Exercises.  A task to complete that has variants.  With my ADHD attention span, I can handle a word at a time.  So here’s this post … Happiness … from A to Z and it is appropriately filed categorically under … yup … A to Z!  Here’s to Happiness in the Dominican Republic!

A – Arena … (Spanish for sand … of course to be repeated under S … see … cheating already!).  I love the variety of sands in this country.  From pure white to dark, and every texture imaginable!  The sun heats it up and it’s purely divine to lie down and let the earth’s therapy sink into your bones right to your soul.

B – Bachata … One of several forms of music and dance heard in this country … of which, dancing, I have zero talent!

C – Chimi sandwich … there are two different kinds of this sandwich.  One is like a burger, the other, shaved leg of pork delicately seasoned.  And, if you are very lucky, it’s cooked over coals.  The flavour is far superior to a grill.

D – Driving … in a word … insane!  In two words … LOVE IT!

E – Easter … here, known as Holy Week!  It’s the biggest vacation party in the country.  The cities empty and head for the beaches and resorts.  Famous Dominican musicians are booked to perform all over the country.  Who needs tickets?  You can hear them from very far away, and usually until about 4:00 am.

F – Fresh … being an island you can find fresh everything everywhere.  I’ve never experienced this sort of freshness before.  Pineapple is less acidic, and sweeter than imaginable.  Shrimp can be huge, I’m so lucky a British Columbia fisherman taught me how to shuck a shrimp!  Never have a sand vein in my lunch 🙂

G – Great friends … from locals that exude joy and friendliness, to ex-pats with common ground.  Friends here are not just friends, they, they are Great friends.

H – Helpful … I remember years ago with my old antique car being stuck in the back lane on a patch of ice.  I was stuck there forever and people would drive up behind me and  honk and honk and honk.  Not one offered help or got out to give me a shove.  Eventually I got out.  Here, there is always someone that will help you.  Always someone that will stop if you are stuck on the road.  Not all are honourable so you do have to be wary, but most are good.

I – Ice cold beer … I don’t like beer, but with clamato juice it’s descent.  No matter, on a 35 degree day, a Presidente is just what the president ordered!

J – Joy … here in Dominican Republic, you don’t have to go looking for joy.  It’s everywhere!

K – Kiss … mmmmmmmmmmm I love the kiss!  Oh my gosh … and KITTENS!   (Kittens, see, ADHD, just took off on a totally different tangent.)

L – Love … when you are lucky enough to have this in your life, you are blessed!  I am really really blessed 🙂

M – Mango … best fruit on the whole damn planet!  Mangos, lots of mangos, fields of mangos, ooooooo ode to the mango, yes, mangos make me as happy as Love 🙂

N – Navidad … Christmas in this country.  There’s something about local exuberance of the season that is infectious.  They LOVE it and they are not afraid to show it.  Joining in, makes me smile!

O – Open … It doesn’t matter the day, stores are always open.  Christmas Eve is the only exception … Christmas day, business as usual.  This really appeals to shop-o-holic me!

P – Patronales … I love these week long fairs.  Yes they are a bit of a drinking party, but what I love is seeing how proud these people are of where they come from.  I think communities in all countries could benefit from this sense of pride.  Also, the entertainment is usually very good.

Q – QWERTY … yes the keyboard.  Love that our phones etc are qwerty.  But what really tickles my fancy and that no one ever thinks of this, lol, is that the French layout is AZERTY!  Now THAT’S funny!  How is this DR related you ask?  I once met a Frenchman at a hotel that offered me the use of his laptop.  I was totally baffled!

R – Romance … never ever sell romance short in your life.  Ooooo I’ve just given myself a warm fuzzy thinking of romance 🙂

S – Sway … Whether you are at the beach or inland, there is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than the sway of the palms.  Of course 🙂 the beach is better … just sayin’

T – Time … Island time to be specific.  Relaxing with no cares.  What time will you be there?  Oh 2:00, 3:30 rolls around and well still no show half the time.  This is ok sort of, if it’s yourself that’s late 🙂

U – Underground … My favourite history of this country is Las Hermanas Mirabal, the Butterflies.  Google that and read.  You’ll have more success if you google in Spanish and it’s well worth the google if you have any historian in you!

V – Vacation … Yes even living in paradise you still want to vacation.  Locals vacation at the resorts here in short term 3 day packages to whatever length they want or can afford.  I’m good with all of that … just … take me along 🙂

W – Walking … walking the beach!  Needs no further explanation.

X – Xylophone … that’s a stretch.  Ok, I challenge you to find a happy x word for DR lol.

Y – Yellow … anything yellow with it’s sunny smile makes me happy!

Z – zzz’s … yes zleep or sleep for the boring folk.  I could sleep on the beach under a palm (with no coconuts) all day long.  Gentle breeze, ocean songs … and a light massage!


So there you have it!  My A to Z’s on happiness.  I made it through now I think I’ll go enjoy the last one.  Goodnight all … zzzzzzzzzzz.


Listen to the palms …

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and https://locagringa.wordpress.com

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