E is for – Extremes of Love, Romancing the Stone

Looking out the window, the gently drizzling rain shrouding my universe, there is an emptiness within. I ponder what the great minds of history thought of when they thought about love. I have a lot of time to ponder these days. And, I wonder how different, how far off the path we are when we think about love in these times. They used to say that every woman looked at a man through the circle of the wedding ring. That’s a stone far too romanticized or at the very least a precious metal far too romanticized. What are we expecting? What are we willing to give up for it? How much are we willing to fight for it, as long as there are two fighting for it, to preserve a love (if there is only one fighting for it’s very existence, there is no point)? For that matter, are we any different in our thoughts and feelings than history has shown? I think history dictated that love was purely whimsical, most people sought out to either be good providers or to be with a good provider. Love took a back seat.

One thing I’ve seen living across two countries is that, people are people no matter where you are.  But here, in Dominican Republic, love, well love needs to be demonstrated more if it involves foreigners with locals.  If no true demonstrations exist, run far and fast the other way.  All that is wanted is a visa!  Here, they are called Sankies, and there is a huge percentage of the population that are opportunists in one way or another.  They defraud your heart and your bank account. Not all the population here are as such, some are amazingly wonderful people!  And those, I love 🙂

In Canada it is much the same, only, all that is wanted is the treasure between your legs.  We’ve all been used one way or another.  Though for that, there are no legal implications via contracts.

Demonstrations of love are not different for every person.  Simple random acts of care and kindness, appreciation, consistency, etc.  Love is not only an extreme emotion … love is … LOVE, is an action verb.  Scientifically speaking, every action causes a reaction.  Ergo, love begets love.  If there are no actions … well, need I say more!  If there is a break in that chain reaction you know you have a problem.

I’m not the huge romantic, I’m more practical than romance. But I’ve had so little romance in my life that just a little bit has gone a long way in my realizing what my missing link to happiness was. What had I been afraid of? Hurt and pain of course. Being clinical has kept me safe for 30 years. It’s kept my heart safe but it’s kept me from living. It has made me cold in many ways. Being clinical has also been a blessing!

I think in material terms of the things I love. Just things in a round-about way. The magic of a brand new fluffy snowfall back home, crisp smell after a rain, the rainbow signifying hope, the cat chasing her tail in a big box… these are things I love. Funny, possessions never entered into my mind. Hmm, I do love my laptop though. I guess that I’m less shallow that I’ve always thought. Of people, what of them? What is the big thing about people outside of our immediate families that determines why we love them? Common ground, common sensitivities, a deep look from the eyes that seems to come from the depths of their soul, small gestures that speak volumes, and I wonder what else?  There definitely needs to be that “what else,” that action, multiplied a thousand fold, that, yes my friends, that is love.  Anything less is not worth it’s weight in salt!

What is love, what aids love, give it up for romance, give it up for an ACTION verb … I’ld like to steal you all a flower for your memories of love … Bird of Paradise maybe…

bird of paradise

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and https://locagringa.wordpress.com

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