I have not participated in one of Aisla’s Travel Theme assignments for a long time.  Feels good to be back here playing along and getting the creative juices flowing once again.  Thanx Ailsa!

Wow … Simplify!  This is a story from the heart.

In 2008 we were visiting the Dominican Republic only to return home to find we were robbed.  After seeing locals in the DR with so few possessions and they were happy, that, and the robbery changed my perspective.  We, with so much, have to safeguard everything we have, we constantly want more and not of that leads to happiness for more than a few moments.  At that point I began to simplify, to downsize, to buy only what we NEEDED, not what we WANTED.  It’s truly amazing how much you save by eliminating the wants from the needs.  Both, in space and dollars.

I had thought I had done a good job of it until I decided to move to a new country!  Lolz, oh was I wrong.  I STILL had wayyyy too much stuff!  Then came the true simplification.  Three months of triage, selling, giving stuff away, and donating to the goodwill store and we were ready to go.  So down from 20 years of stuff and a 3 bedroom house with a basement, walk up attic, garage full of stuff, to a 2 bedroom apartment, and down to 3 suitcases off we went and boarded the plane to a new life.

My first major purchase in the new country was a washing machine.  This isn’t the fancy ones we have back in Canada, this is a semi-automatic spin washer.  These are used worldwide and are somewhat effective, cost less, and beats the hell out of washing by hand.  I now have less furniture, but still have furniture, less “gadgets,” and much less clothing, And so on…

Do I have any regrets to simplifying?  Yes I do.  I miss my car!  I wish I had kept some of my favourite things, but it’s not so difficult to live without.  I don’t have to worry too much about being robbed.  And THAT, my friends, is a huge relief!


Thanx to:

for offering up the challenge of this assignment.

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

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2 responses to “TRAVEL THEME: SIMPLIFY

    • I like life with fewer things. But I do miss some of the “junk”. I’m thinking of doing a downsize again here! And, I don’t have that much stuff to begin with. What I would love, is my own little shack with a concrete base for the bed, ergo, no dust bunnies, and the same “ish” for furniture.

      I want easy to clean!

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