G is For – Gringa Gets Vigilant

I don’t know what’s going on within.  My heart since the Ottawa attacks is just not into writing.  Our world over the last year has gone to hell in a hand-basket so to speak.  Through many of life’s personal tragedies, combined with all the nonsense going on in the world, I’m feeling somewhat shell shocked, somewhat as though I have post traumatic stress.  I didn’t personally know Cpl. Nathan Cirillo or Patrice Vincent, yet, I found myself bursting into tears at random.  Watching the news from afar and seeing the solidarity of Canada’s peoples makes me distantly proud to be Canadian.  Of course not of those defacing mosques or targeting others in ANY way whether that is from bullying or the more serious violence.

All around our world there appears to be one war or another, whether that is a serious war of combat or a war in our own back yard, or a war against a biological demon, war … is war.  It’s distressing to think that, “how on earth are we (people in general) supposed to combat the global violence that threatens our shores, when, we’ve lost the ability to put a stopper to the junk in our own countries and back yards?”

Then I think of recent events here, where there was a hold-up in the countryside and a man murdered for his dinero, likely 1000 pesos or under.  He’s not an isolated incident, there are many all across the country and more-so in every city.  I am reminded of those lost that I once knew from similar events.  These things should not happen.  Sadly, events such as these, they are not looking for money to feed their families, usually only looking for money for their next “fix.”

The kicker, there is nowhere in which to really lay blame.  The world … has crumbled.

What’s the Gringa to do?  Get up every morning, remind herself to breathe, in and out, remind herself to keep trying hard to be a good person and to always seek to do the right thing.  Remind herself that though there are some atrocious people in the world there are many more that are reputable.  Remind herself to offer a prayer to the heavens for the atrocities to end, and to offer a hand up to those that need it.  Theory, if everyone in need is offered a hand up rather than a hand out, rather than being ground under foot, maybe, just maybe their lives might be positively impacted.  A hand up to those that are not the parasites only wanting to live on handouts.  Those are many.  Yes it’s a naive theory, but better to be 20% right than not at all.

Recent events here remind me too that we are heading into the holiday season.  Less than 60 days until Christmas.  Sadly this means that the local crime rate will rise and not fall off until mid February and regaining strength a few weeks later.  Dominican Republic has more incidents leading up to Christmas, looking for money for whatever the reasons.  Be they partying, gifts … and dozens of other reasons.  The fact remains that for the next few months, and really, until after Holy week in April, extra vigilance is required.  Time to be street-smart once again.  No city wanderings unaccompanied, take a cab, and make that a reliable cab that is well known.  That’s what the contact list in my phone is for.  No wanderings to local haunts solo at night.   Keep curtains drawn.  Blah blah blah blah … all of that same defensive crap.  Oh bloody hell, this is when the good folk become prisoners of their own making to avoid being a victim.  Prisoners of their own caution.  At least, they do so if they are smart.  Otherwise, it’s unnecessary risk.

Thinking a trip to an All Inclusive is in order 😉  … Where’s the beach!

Listen to the palms …

~Loca Gringa

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9 responses to “G is For – Gringa Gets Vigilant

  1. I hear you. Yes, the world does seem to be crumbling doesn’t it? I hope you will continue to write, because your posts are always worth reading. To help keep it together I want to humbly offer you a gift. A collection of the most beautiful prayers. They are categorized under various themes: tests and difficulties, aid and assistance, healing, women, detachment, etc. I hope you find them helpful; I don’t think I could survive without them.

    • Thank you very much. That is a lovely gesture. Though I am not Bahai, I am Catholic, prayers, any and all prayers are equally good and Bahai represents all the great religions, so, what could be better.

      Funny, not that I’m a bad person, I simply forget to pray :/

  2. I feel your pain and your frustration. I am in Washington State, which has joined the list of states in the epidemic of gun violence with the recent shootings at a middle school just 80 miles from where I and my daughter and grandchildren live. There is no way to express the shock and the sadness that follows in the wake of such a tragic event. How to I tell my children that we live in a safe place when it is clear that we don’t?

    I hope you find some peace in this sometimes unforgiving, violent world. We endeavor to do the same. Bendiciónes. = Mike

    • Had no idea you were in Washington State Mike. My heart goes out to your entire nation. There have been far too many of these school massacres, far too much terrorism, far too much participation in war (though necessary), general crime within the country, and now ebola.

      Now Canadians are no longer immune to terrorism, shool shootings are there too, we’ve been the world’s peacekeeper in the past and now from what I’ve read, heading to airstrikes along with other countries.

      With all that has come to pass only in the last year, it’s very difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

      All we can do for our kids is to try to prepare them and to counsel them. The world has changed overnight it seems, beyond recognition. I don’t think there is a safe place either. But, with solidarity, we do have yet one glimmer of hope.

      Big huggz to you and your family. Y benediciones parati tambiens!

  3. My daughter got a tazer gun as a wedding gift (it works, some of the young guys present tried it out on each other thinking it was funny). I am glad she is concerned about self-defense especially as she goes into some unsavory neighborhoods as a real estate agent.
    But it is a sad reflection of the times we live in – a tazer as a wedding gift!
    You never know which of the many horrific incidents will get under your skin…for you, it was the young corporal killed, for others, it’s the latest school shooting. And then we have to put up our personal armoring again to be able to function in the world, with a heart heavy with grief.
    My thoughts are with you, Diana – please take good care of yourself, especially as a gringa who stands out from the rest of the population.

    • Here (and I’m sure in many USA locations … and elsewhere), a tazer is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. One of the men I knew that was murdered a ways back was held up at gunpoint and the robbers thought he was going to strike them with the beer bottle he had in hand … bang bang. They went around the corner then robbed someone else. Very nervy, and I’ve always wondered how long their spree was.

      A tazer as a wedding gift … useful these days, but a sad reflection of our times.

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