Travel Theme – Endearing

Endearing … “inspiring affection” as per Google.

How to portray endearing and affection for a travel theme is providing me with a challenge.  As I am not exactly a travel blogger I think that flipping this theme for location works better in my brain.  I can’t really be inspired to write about endearing or affection about geography or inanimate objects.  These attributes are people oriented.

What is the most endearing thing about people?  In a word … innocence.

Children learn non-endearing behaviour rapidly and adults practice that fervently.  But some, for some, wide eyed innocence remains.  Our Canadian kids seem to lose their wide-eyed innocence very early on in life.  They are bombarded by negativity and sarcasm through socializing, schools and media.  I think those are the reasons for much of the loss of their innocence.  In Dominican Republic, they are not bombarded in the same ways.  Family here is very important and frankly media is limited when you have no electricity to watch a television or, for that matter, having no television at all!

One day at the beach I befriended a little boy of about 9 years old.  His wide-eyed innocence, oh my goodness, this child I could have brought home with me.  There was something about this child that exuded wonder!  THAT is the feeling of endearing!  We chatted and I saw a piece of dead coral in the water.  I couldn’t go in after it as I was still nursing wounds from my accident two months prior.  He fished it out, said it was really dirty and returned to the water, and started cleaning it.  He took it upon himself to clean it.  I know of no other children that would have done that without prompting.  This kid, he won my heart!  The simple generosity of his actions.  Generosity, kindness … and caring.  All wrapped into one endearing individual.

We walked along the shore for a while pointing at stuff in the water.  He had a zest for nature.  I envision the future saviour of the Dominican Republic.  I thought, “this child, this child I could teach to teach others about conservation.”  I think our future here will be in good hands.  The new youth are being more and more programmed to keep their country clean.  This is reminiscent of Canada in the late 60’s and the new anti-liter laws of the day.  I asked him if he would like to take the coral home with him.  He said, “no Donia, you keep it,”  and so I did.  Again, his kindness and generosity were displayed.  It’s now sitting in my kitchen on the shelf all spotlessly cleaned of slime and bleached to kill the germs.  This little dead piece of coral has a place of honour in my home and I will always cherish it’s origins … the sea, and … the little “urchin” that cleaned it for me.

Yes, endearing … dear to my heart … the people, of the Dominican Republic …


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for offering up the challenge of this assignment.

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

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2 responses to “Travel Theme – Endearing

  1. Maybe that’s why so many participants have photographed animals? Either, because humans have lost that special endearing quality, or, more importantly, if they still have it, one would not wish to plaster their face of endearing behavior over the internet.

    • Lol! Yea … some faces should NEVER be posted jajaj! Seriously though, I’m really loving the kids in this country, and to a smaller degree, the adults 😀

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