Dolphin’s Song

Music flows on the whis’pring breeze,
gently calls my name.
Unaware of my heart strings needs,
a sun of the same.

The brightness of the playing tune,
soothes my memory sound.
I close my eyes, mind starts to swoon,
I am heaven bound.

My feet tap to the dolphin’s song,
love come out to play.
Love joins me in the dance along,
in the dolphin way.

The rhythm in my heart and soul,
speaks in dulcet tones.
My inner dolphin keeps me whole,
I don’t dance alone.

Balance is key in all life’s acts,
dulcet be or wild.
Slowly breathe in, sea all the facts,
Heal your inner child.

To do the world a world of good,
share the message wide.
Be strong and firm on where you stood,
at the dolphin’s side.

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and

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