N is for – Never Say Never

How often do we walk around in our own little worlds thinking “meh, that’ll never happen,” whether it’s about an event relating to yourself or whether it regards another person?  All the damn time is how often.  We have become so complacent as a society.

This is about all of the “NEVERS” that you should be aware of when visiting another country.

Never assume that you are invincible.

That quad that you rent really needs to be driven with care.  Hitting a speed bump with velocity can careen you ass over tea-kettle into a tree.  Death is a really poor way to end a holiday.

If you’re not a drunk in your own country, why on earth would you want to be one on vacation where you don’t even speak the language to know if you are a target.

Why on earth would you tempt the fate of doing drugs in a foreign country and risk their jails.  Your government will not likely bail your ass out of jail.  Jail in a 3rd world, developing country is NOT where you want to be.

Never act like an ass.

Always remember that as a visitor, you are representing your home country.  An ambassador if you will.  Act accordingly or frankly, you are an embarrassment to your country and possibly perpetuating stereotypes.

Families out for dinner don’t appreciate your offensive behaviour in front of their kids.  Show a little tact.

Hell, individuals don’t appreciate your offensive behaviour.

This includes allowing your kids to be disruptive!!!  I cannot tell you how much I despise paying big money for a sea excursion only to have your lil shits running all over the deck and screaming!!!  No thank you.  And if they can’t snorkel without being a hazard to others keep ’em on deck … thank you very much.

Never assume that your travel insurance will be accepted.  Many want payment up front and leave you to get reimbursed.  They also don’t have to help you!  Be civilized and polite.

Never assume that you are safe!  Shit happens, crime happens, and everyone is a possible victim.

Ask the foreigner that got run off the road to be robbed, or the beach walker, or the person at the instant teller … etc.

Lock up your valuables!!!

There are few street signs in this country’s cities, do you really want to rent that car, not speaking the language and getting lost in a really bad hood!  That’s just asking for trouble.

Never assume the ocean excursion you are on has life jackets.

Never assume that your hotel has a first aid kit.  Bring your own!

Also, not all hotels have a nurse or doctor on staff.  As a matter of fact, most don’t though most have a doctor on call.  Remember, on call doesn ‘t necessarily mean 24/7.  I needed an ambulance one Christmas, called the nearest clinic that boasted 24 hour service, “sorry we’re closed.”  You get the idea.

There are a whole lot of NEVERS to think about and I’m sure you can add to this list and feel free to do so in the comments.

All that being said, ALWAYS seek to enjoy this country to its full potential 😀


Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and https://locagringa.wordpress.com




6 responses to “N is for – Never Say Never

  1. LOL! Looks like you’re feeling like I do sometimes.

    Doesn’t everyone sit around and drink all day and then make asses of themselves? PHHHHFFFF!

    Why shouldn’t I leave thousands of dollars in cash and all my ID (including my passport) in my rented accommodation during Carnaval? PHHHHFFFF!

    There’s no helmet laws enforced here and the cops look the other way if I’m drinking a beer out in the open! Great let me just rip down that dirt, pot hole filled road!!! PHHHHFFFF!

    Oh, I love being in the water all day and I never burn. How far away from the Equator did you say we were? PHHHHFFFF!

    Oh yes, I see we have similar tales! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Love your list. We travel to the Dominican Republic to fish. We’ll have a few beers in the evening and we don’t bring our kids. I am a polite tourist, I believe. I do like the reminder to bring your own first aid kit. I got a bad cold last time we traveled there (surely from the airport/airplane in the United States). I wish we brought our own medicine. DR is a beautiful country. Can’t wait to come back 🙂

    • Cold medicines are available at almost every colmado in the form of tablets. They are good quality but about 50 cents a tablet sold in a pack of two. But even simple bandaids at a resort can be elusive and heaven forbid you want a disinfectant. And when their gift shops don’t sell them :/ … usually there’s a farmacia not too far away!

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