El Pirata de la Tierra

With confidence at the helm,
His ship sailed into port.
His was not to overwhelm,
He was not of that sort.

Privateering at an end,
Desired a life on land.
As sure as rounding the bend,
Was ready to disband!

A contented sigh escaped,
The beach came into view.
A future to be shaped,
So much to learn anew.

The treasures he had plundered,
A nest egg to be had.
And how?  He always wondered?
On land?  He must be madd.

Turning, the ship receding,
He watched it disappear.
Heavy sigh with heart bleeding,
The future was so clear.

A year had passed so very fast,
Plantation on his land.
The fortune he’d amassed,
No longer his command.

Astride his Paso Fino,
Majestic silhouette.
Pirata, mi latino,
The best a wench can get!

He gave his life to the sea,
He sailed the Spanish Main.
Our hearts were meant to be,
His life is not the same.

Wanderlust runs through his veins,
The sea is in his heart.
Returning to the Main,
He has torn my life apart.

Though he’s certain to return,
This lass will have to wait.
Patience and no concern,
A new life to create.

He has promised to return,
Upon the next full moon.
My heart says, “you’ll never learn.”
I dance a different tune.

As wild as El Pirata,
As gentle as a doe.
I write my own sonata,
This dance I’ve come to know.

And on that night full of light,
I take him by the hand,
I become the one with might,
Forever off the land.

His deep brown eyes beckon me,
Muy enamorado.
This doe joins him back at sea,
Siempre … a su lado!



Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and https://locagringa.wordpress.com




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