O is for – One

Sweet and gentle she was,
and taken too fast.
Kindness in her spirit,
a sorrow was cast.

Disbelief on her face,
her spirit aghast.
Fighting that dreaded “C”,
emotions so vast.

She knew not long ago,
next breath, could be last.
One more day we begged,
now that day has passed.

One more,
One more day, oh God please.

It was not to be.  I never said goodbye, it was not to be.  I never said goodbye  … and now I feel the emptiness within.

RIP my dear friend, my “sister”.

What many in the “real” world, don’t understand is that people with terminal illnesses in 3rd world developing countries have very few options available.  Could this love of my heart have been cured?  Possibly with early detection.  However, there truly is no regular medical care here for the poor, no regular screenings.  Doctors are not expensive to see here, under $10, but are not seen for “maintenance” but are seen only when sickness arises.  Her cancer had metastasized by the time it was discovered.  Had she been in Canada and had regular medical care … she may have beaten the odds.  She had raised some money for treatment, but had it been sufficient, it was likely already too late.

Another love once told me, “what is the good of seeing the doctor, when I have no money for medicine.”  True words. It is the same in Canada.  If you have no money for medicine, it makes little difference seeing the doctor.  These people in Canada are the working poor, the ones that don’t qualify for government assistance.  The ones like here, with no insurance.  Though in Canada, once you are admitted to the hospital your costs are covered.  Here there is not that option.

She died in her home.

Listen to the palms…
~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and https://locagringa.wordpress.com

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