El Pirata – El Hombre, El Mio

You may feel as cold as the cold north wind, but when you hear that voice, the voice that frees your soul, the voice of your pirate, you lose all control.  The cold is replaced by that warm sensation that love brings and all your world’s wrongs fade into oblivion, the comfort of love and of being loved … the moment you hear his voice!  This poem is dedicated to that very warm feeling of contentment and security, and breathlessness that love brings to your heart …



Voice drifts through the passage of time, same beat in my heart.
Warmth of love floods my core, though we be apart.
Come to me on whispering winds, here you softly speak.
Dream beckons that I go forth … memory … I go weak.

Hear your voice, gives me strength, a love that abounds.
Heart swells for the love it feels, bold and strong and sound.
Evoke the sense of love, speak your dulcet tones.
For then and only then, I’ll not dance alone.

Mi Pirata, mi único destino, te amo mas que yo!
Tu me cuida siempre, mi corazón es tuyo.
No quiero ninguno otro, tu es mi esencia.
Mi energia, mi brío … mi alma, ahhh mi vida.

Of all life’s blessings, none feels greater than this.
The love of El Pirata, swoons my mind in bliss.
I’ve melted from his touch, the sound of his voice.
Sail his world with plundered heart is this wench’s choice.

Pirata … my pulse.



Listen to the palms …

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and https://locagringa.wordpress.com

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