A is for … Amor

Amor, amour … love!  Regardless in what language it takes it’s form, this emotion transcends, bridges, and goes to all lengths to succeed.  I’ve loved, and I’ve loved deeply on many levels.  I have my love for my children, my knight on his valiant charger, and more importantly than those my love of self.  For without loving yourself, you truly are unable to love others.

Leaving my kids behind and moving to Dominican Republic was by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.  And … I hurt.  So much.  All of the time and it never goes away.  But, they are grown, they have their own lives, and truly, it’s not often that they need their momma.  I’m only a phone call or a skype call away.  I only wish  to see them more often.  Yet, I … I need them.  Realistically, can I live here forever?  That, I don’t know.  Live for today, is all I can do.

Amor is not only reserved for those you love.  That sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  I’ve had a love affair with this island for a long time.  It is pure heaven here.    Far different from the Canadian culture, if Canada actually has a culture.  I’ve never felt a warmth in Canadian culture, nor the warmth of family other than my kids.  Mostly, though the hispanic culture can be hot-tempered, the people inspire a warmth in my heart.  There is no place better.  My wish, that my children can experience more island time!  That they can experience what family is supposed to be.  For now, this is home, and my darlings, wherever momma hangs her hat … is your home too!  Te amo!

So … come home soon … please!  Te extraño mucho mi amores!  Let’s be together …

♪♫** **♫♪ ~_/) ~Living on Island Time~ _/)~♪♫** **♫♪


Yes … amor … nothing better in the whole world!



This blog article is a personal challenge.  A blog a letter, to complete the alphabet.  Hopefully, I won’t stray away from my beloved island with my thoughts while writing, but forgive me if I do.

Do feel free to do likewise!  If you choose to tag along on A – Z, pop a comment below and let me know … would love to support you in the same venture, and by all means, include a link in your article to this page.  We are a wonderful community at wordpress and we learn so much from each other.


Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and https://locagringa.wordpress.com

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