You left me in the street to die. I loved you so. I don’t know why you left me in the street to die.

You were unkind throughout the years. Your voice so loud it hurt my ears. I loved you still through all my fears.

I placed you on a pedestal. How high you were before your fall. You were my life you were my all.

But I got old, my teeth went bad. My health declined and you were mad. I loved you so I was so sad.

You left me in the street to die. I was so weak and that’s no lie. I gave up hope. My heart did die.

I loved you so and would have still. Had you come back my heart would fill. You never did and I so ill.

Abuse and fear was all I knew. And yet I loved you through and though. But through your hate, a new love grew!

And then SHE came and saw me there. Held out her hand, my angel fair. I thought I died, she pet my hair!

Six days went by, I did not know, She searched for me all to and fro, and found me then, and I did go.

So weak was I, I could not stand. She took me home in her soft hands. And nursed me back from dying lands.

I took a lot of tender care. I love HER so, my angel fair. I’m her peach and she my pear.

No longer am I skin and bones. Now I am loved in my new home. Never again to be alone.

It took a while to become strong. You cast me out but were so wrong. SHE taught me love, a different song.

~Loca Gring
© Loca Gringa and

Lila was rescued January 4, 2018 seven days after first being sited. Sadly that first day I was unprepared to execute a rescue. She was extremely ill. Distemper was suspected. She had diarrhea, crusty nose, mucous eyes, congested, and lethargic. About 2 weeks later she was having seizures. Bless the vet, he removed 4 or 5 rotten teeth and scaled the others. She had already lost all the lower between her fangs. Deparasitic was administered as well as Bayer Advantage Plus. She is about 12 years old and a prime example of neglect. She was not a street dog she had had a home. She was house broken and sterilized.

Now she is beginning to thrive.


Lila developed bladder stones, lost more teeth and blood analysis showed tick borne illness. I had her to love for over a year and a half. She knew love for a while at least. I had to ask myself at her approximate age with all her health problems, to try treatments which may have worked or only prolonged her suffering, for who’s glory would it have been to keep her alive? Hers or mine? I chose to send her to heaven. The most difficult decision I ever made not knowing what the treatment outcome would be. Do I regret that decision? Every damned day. I love you Lila Lu Lu Lu. RIP angel fair.

There are many organizations that rescue in the Dominican Republic. Please consider donating either funds or supplies. Supplies can also be purchased in DR for a fraction of the cost. It is a noble cause.


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