D is for – Decisions

Life is full of decisions, and, we make good ones and bad ones.  We allow people into our lives that we shouldn’t.  We allow them to influence our decisions.  Sadly, some of them have very hidden agendas.  Gotta love what Karma has in store.  We make choices for schooling.  We make career choices.  We make so many decisions that it’s no wonder we don’t know what we want for dinner.

When I decided to move here I made several tactical errors.  I literally rid myself of 99% of my possessions.  Thereby limiting myself to how I could return to my native land.  No home no furniture, blah blah blah …    hmmm.  Eventually that will have to happen, maybe sooner than later, hell if I know!  We’ll figure that out when we get there.

After living in Dominican Republic for several years, after having downsized to nothing, I find that I’ve developed a liking for having virtually nothing.  I LIKE being able to move at will.  I LIKE being able to rent a place without the need for … well … without the need for anything.  Let’s face it, life goes by fast and anything can happen, therefore I have limited time to waste in paradise.  I LIKE being able to move from one area to another in this country and learn of it’s differences, experience all it has to offer.

When I was young, I averaged a move every 6 months.  I lived out of a suitcase for about 12 years.  In many ways I’ve revisited that vagabond life.  Though, now, jajaja, I have 2 suitcases and a wee bit of furniture.  I still move around a lot and I love that freedom!  I love that anonymity.  Having had a plethora of experiences with bad people I keep to myself.  I lose very little in moving.  I used to tease my children that I would run away leaving no forwarding address if they didn’t behave.  Of course I was kidding with them, where I hang my hat is their home.  Not that I wear hats, maybe more appropriate to say, “where I hang my bra is your home.”  But most others, I have zero problem leaving no forwarding address.  It’s given me great freedom …

I wonder where the next adventure will lead me?   The very best thing about this island, there’s always a palm tree to park your butt under for shade 🙂  … just, um, make sure there are no coconuts over your head!

See what I mean?  Decisions, decisions …


Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and https://locagringa.wordpress.com

5 responses to “D is for – Decisions

  1. It was probably a good idea to rid yourself of 99% of your possessions when you moved to DR. When I lived in Mexico, my belongings were in a storage unit in Chicago. I constantly worried about paying the bill on time. Sometimes, its nice to be a vagabond 🙂 Besos….

    • I was more concerned about the storage unit being robbed lol. However, I do still have a couple things there, not much though. Just a couple things that I couldn’t bare to part with!

      • :/ Yea I get that. The first time we came to DR we were broken into at home. That was the beginning of downsizing. Why have stuff if you have to guard it and be miserable. People here have nothing and most are happy. Sure, more would be better, however, they are still happy.

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