Be SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE!  Be like this company.  They provide LIVING WAGE jobs.  They struggled to stay afloat not turning a profit for many years while paying a living wage.  $3.00 / hour … $500.00 / month … ~25000 pesos / month.

They give hands-up not handouts.  THIS is AGAPE … love for your fellow man.  Wanting to give them hope, the ability to pursue a future, the ability to advance in life, not just barely survive!

I encourage all to seek out their products or better yet do a socially conscious start-up of your own here. 

Hire those that are LEGALLY able to work, NOT illegal foreigners.  Pay a living wage, no one can survive earning $.50 to $1.50 / hour … much less grow with hope of exiting poverty!  STOP keeping them in poverty, STOP growing YOUR own bank accounts at their expense.  Provide them with tools to succeed.

Stop “Debt Bondage”.  Stop giving loans or paying advances in salaries which grows the slaves’ debts.  You DON’T pay them enough to be able to pay back the debts and live.  Seriously!  STOP!  Give them the tools to survive, to grow!  They also don’t need to be made to feel obligated to work for you.  It’s demeaning.  

If you want to donate to a foundation ask to see their bottom line.  Not more than 10% of donations should be their administration fees.  Red Cross at the time of the Haiti earthquake was 4%  …  see my point!  Don’t donate to someones Caribbean “lifestyle”.  

Not one foundation in this country cannot be run by an honest Dominican.  YES they exist and they want to help their people.  You don’t need to pay a foreigner’s living expenses (or more) to be here to be helping people.  Pay that in a salary to a Dominican that wants to help his people.  Dominicans are not jungle bunnies, they are intelligent EQUAL human beings.  Treat them as such!

Support those that pay a living wage and denounce others.

Give hand ups NOT handouts.  

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and

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