M is for – Mundane

Mundane, ho-hum, boring, lack of excitement, these are words that are popular in many places, but not in the Dominican Republic.  In DR, life is full of excitement if you let it be that way or abounding in peaceful bliss.

This is an ambient country full of music, smiles and laughter.  Of course there is always a cerveza or two to help that along or a brugal (their so-called rum, I call it gasoline!).  Every street has a plethora of colmados, bodegas, bars, or car washes (car wash = car wash + bar + billiard hall).  Music is either blaring or suave.  Regardless of the decibel range a good time can be had.  People break into dance at random wherever music is played.  It is mesmerizing watching them.

There’s always a secluded spot of beach that can be found somewhere or the quiet of your own back yard to be at one with peace.

It’s a hot country and everywhere you see plastic chairs on the side of the streets in the shade.  I refer to that as the Dominican living room.  Neighbours are not quick to invite you into their homes but they are quick to offer you a seat out front and chat away the afternoon with you.

The island way of life here is slow, tortuga slow.  Few are in a rush … only me <insert sarcasm>  and, I’m still working on finding “patience.”  <insert sigh of exasperation>

I digress, getting back on topic … mundane!

What I find mundane here, and the only thing (I find a lot of people mundane 🙂 ) I find mundane here is the shopping.  Several large malls have popped up over the years and they are all the same, they all sell the same type of stuff, there is mimimal difference in variety.  I miss Walmart.  I miss Safeway.  I miss JC Penny.  I miss Nordstroms.  I miss Sears.  I miss The Bay.  I miss Walgreens.  I miss London Drugs.  But, what I miss most of all is Home Depot.  Variety exists here but only in small amounts and not regularly.  If you find an item that you love, buy a fair amount because there is no guarantee that the store will ever have it again.

I always loved shopping south of the 49th parallel.  Blaine and Bellingham, Washington were my favourites.  There was so much more than what was offered north of the 49th.  But here, this wonderful paradise, well, you can find every damn kind of coconut here, and a whole lot of fish and pineapple, but that’s about it.  Not really, but you sense my frustration.  Yes, I could turn into an Ebay addict or shop other online sources, but I didn’t move here to continue to be spoiled.  Learn to live with less and to adapt!

I wonder?  … my mind screams, “just how long does it take to adapt?”

Go with the wind … where so ever it blows …

Listen to the palms …

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and https://locagringa.wordpress.com

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