Bravo Lily House!

You need to look at the culture as well.  This is a culture that is sexually driven, that thinks prostitution is ok, that thinks for example, that an out of control 14 year old girl would benefit from a marriage to a strong handed good man of 30 years old, that will sell themselves to buy that $100 pair of shoes, that as adults will work for mainland USA escort services providing “services” off the record to high paying tourists, that adults are so willing to offer their services at the local park, that has a high population of illegal haitians selling themselves or their children …

Most importantly this is a country of wide spread modern day slavery and poverty.  It takes about $600 USD a month to survive here, to be able to grow and succeed with reasonable housing and 3 healthy meals a day and the ability to rise up.  To obtain bank loans for a mortgage or a car, or to pay for further education or simply complete high school!

When people get paid $200 USD per month and some less and the normal is $300 you have a problem.

Dominicans AND gringos are both at fault in this.  Those Gringos that are against slavery that come here and do the same damn thing stating that it’s  “the going rate” … need I say more!  YOU are a slave owner!  Are you proud of yourself now?

When education is free but there’s no money for transportation to and from school not to mention that if you move housing, the school close by may not accept your child for a year … I could go on and on.

Education is key!  Both in its citizens and in government for what they allow to be happening.  Enforce a living wage, enforce the laws created, and limit foreign real estate purchases that are raising the prices of real estate that a Dominican will NEVER have a hope of owning.  Imagine, your own country, and never being able to own property because foreign investment has inflated the economy.  

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa
© Loca Gringa and

2 responses to “FREEDOM PROJECT

  1. Wow thank you for writing this It was quite eye opening to see what’s happening there!

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