El Pirata de la Pluma


Look at me!  I am a pirate.
In a sea of broken hearts.
In a poet’s paper boat.
Writing the waves’ stops and starts.

I search the distant beaches
To drop anchor in your sand,
To rob you of your kisses,
To take hold by my command.

Your scent drifts on salted waves,
From penned paper to my mind.
I close my eyes for the dream,
Of the love I left behind.

Waves crash on my paper hull.
I hold fast to one red rose.
My eyes open to the stains,
Of tears upon my prose.

Though I’m the pirate lady,
And it’s you I left behind.
My pen has spoken lately,
Your actions were most unkind.

For in your hands I melted,
As the candle to the flame.
The single rose you gave me,
And then, you were gone again.

It’s you that my pen has found,
In the papers of my dreams.
And I the pirate lady,
No master to you it seems.

Though my pen is rapier sharp,
It cuts out the hearts of men,
The act of your piracy,
Is more poison than my pen.

Listen to the palms…

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa



© Loca Gringa, http://locagringapoetry.wordpress.com, and https://locagringa.wordpress.com

First Published:  February 20, 2013 · by Loca Gringa



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