El Pirata de Las Luciérnagas

Sometimes, a poem starts … with a story!

A glimpse of amazement found me one star-filled night some time back.  I suddenly remembered this with a warmth of feeling.  Stranded on the side of a Dominican winding road in the middle of the night, the moto was a little unhappy and wanted a break.  Secure in my knowledge that I was in safe company I let my mind wander and my senses absorb my surroundings in childish wonder.  The night was pitch.  I couldn’t see my hand in the dark, only silhouettes against the night sky.  Looking up, my breath caught, I had never seen the brilliance of so many stars.  The Caribbean sky was alight with millions of stars.  Had I a blanket and a spot of grass or beach I surely would have lain myself down to enjoy the constellations.  There will come a time when I do that in the not too distant future.  There will be a night beach with my name on it.   My companions were oblivious to my awe, though they shooed me to the side for safety.  A perfect illustration of desensitization to their environment.

Waiting for whatever was necessary to fix the moto, I moved as requested to the side of the road.  Not comfortable knowing that many vehicles have no lights, and my own night vision is really bad, I also wanted to stay safe.   I had such a feeling of peace and tranquility.  Enveloped by the warmth of their consideration for my well-being, I continued my observances.

Close to the edge of the road, I saw them.  Tens, no, hundreds of little lights.  Maybe thousands, there were so many.  I was so excited I could feel my feet wanting to dance.  I was vibrating with joy.  Little fairies that I could have chased over the edge to my own demise.  I was so entranced.  Yes, it was my second experience with these little fairies in the Dominican Republic.  And never, oh never in Canada or the USA!   Oh how as a child I was so saddened when the other kids caught their little fairies.  But me, I never did see one, much less catch one.  But here in this amazing country, a childhood dream has been realized.  The joke was on them though.  I remember so well … their little fairies refused to sparkle once captive in their jars!!!

Overflowing with joy I watched them flit back and forth, thinking … “Ha!  I’ll never put you in a jar!”

Fireflies!  Sparkled in the dark.  They made me smile, I have no idea how long I stood there, but I felt en … lightened!

This is for my childhood dream!

Through the looking glass,
gaze upon the shore.
Dream the dream of dreams,
BE, forevermore.

Landing at the rocks,
Adventure at hand,
So many have sailed,
To claim this new land.

Me? I am happy,
In heart, land and sea.
Shore leave now and then,
Good enough for me.

Gazing back to sea,
Perched upon the shore.
Love waits there for me,
Pirate ever more.

Bouncing on the waves,
My love comes to me.
Oar in front of oar,
Over deep blue sea.

Lantern lights the way,
Held high by his hand.
Came to me he did,
Touched his feet to land.

Gentle kiss of love,
Traced upon my face.
Secure in his arms,
My last saving grace.

Sleep one night on shore,
Under stars up high,
Path of love alight,
By lil firefly!


Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa, http://locagringapoetry.wordpress.com, and https://locagringa.wordpress.com

First Published:  October 7, 2013· by Loca Gringa


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