Violence, the Opposite Side … Protection

I’ve written about violence in this country several times.  The amount of it never ceases to amaze me.  I’ve seen a man start beating on his ex because she was nagging him about his son.  I’ve seen people fleeing as glass bottles are being thrown out of cars.  I’ve seen pipes pulled out of cars to threaten other drivers.  I’ve seen people bolt at the sound of gunshots.  I’ve even found a spent bullet on my own roof.

People in this country are very cavalier when it comes to guns.  As though it’s no big deal and everyone should own one.  My own friend Juan wanted to buy me one.  I raised my eyebrows at him, and shook my head.  He then sobered up from that foolish thought and admitted that a gun in my hands was simply not a good idea.  “Juan, I have my firearm safety certification,” I said, “but you know my temper and how I will act and suffer the consequences later.”  No, there will be NO guns in my house.  Oh hell no.

I see people packing all the time.  Guns are supposed to be, by law here,  concealed from sight.  Yet, I see some guys with their handguns brazenly tucked into their pants.  I envision them blasting off their testicles.  That makes me smile.  That’s a throw-back to my firearms course where one man resting his rifle on his boot to keep the snow out of the barrel while chatting and “talking with his hands,” blew off his big toe.  Not so funny in real life.

One such man at a disco caught my gaze and I guess my expression was that of disgust, because I truly despise guns and especially the brazenness of some packers, and the next thing I knew, his gun was gone from sight.  That was much appreciated.  This fellow had on the polish, he was “pimpin’ fine,” with that suaveness that you only see in the movies, as was his lady.   Alcohol, tempers … and guns!  I’m really not a fan of that mix.  It’s a recipe for disaster.

All this memory was brought on today by my neighbour’s son.  Love my neighbours, they are truly the best.  J’s a really good young man, a professional in his own right.  He climbs out of his fancy suv car, laptop in his big hand and under his thumb … a handgun in it’s case in the same hand clasping the laptop.    Hello Gringa he says, plays with my puppy a little while juggling all his junk.  Grins and heads for his house to his own two dogs.  I remain stunned how this is simply the norm.

The sheer visibility of guns in this country amazes me.  Hey, I’m Canadian where we have some of the strictest gun laws in the world, and of course … where really … only outlaws  have guns <insert sarcasm>.  No offense to the hunters!

Just another day in paradise!



Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and


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