Oh Have a Heart

This is a very brief piece.  There is no pictorial, there is nothing but simple humor in this.

I am not much of a cook, though what I do cook can be rather stellar.  But I am frugal.  The house I’m in is rather a luxury dwelling.  Jajaja, built-in cook-top … but … alas no oven.  I do have my own appliances and the stove is tucked into the laundry room.  Gas stoves here, really aren’t natural gas.  They are propane operated.  I did without for the last 6 months because I was too cheap to buy a second tank.  I am happy to say I finally bought myself a second propane tank and the propane to go with it!   Weeeeeeeeeeeee I can bake, do roasts, whatever my little culinary heart desires.

The one thing I really missed was my oven roasted corn flake chicken.  Yesterday, yes you guessed it, I bought chicken chests.  The chicken breast had to have been named by a man.  Ergo, chicken chest.  I digress.  So, today, whoopee … cornflake chicken.  Yes, once again I’m being frugal, paid little and bought the chests skin on and bone in.  No problem, skin the parts and de-bone … right?  I have good knives.  Away I go to tackle the dead bird.  And lo and behold what do I find behind the chest and I’ve never ever experienced this in Canada … eh?  Why … jajaja … the heart!  It was just hanging there by a piece of connective tissue!  Imagine that!  A heart in the chest!  Kinda sorta makes sense.  Some weird-ass culinary meats and habits here.

Gave me quite a chuckle 🙂

And now … ¡buen provecho!


Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and https://locagringa.wordpress.com


8 responses to “Oh Have a Heart

  1. Reminds me of the first time I had to go buy chicken breasts here without knowing a lick of Spanish. Needless to say it was quite a laugh. 🙂

  2. I always buy a whole chicken and it is whole all right!! I keep all the heart and neck and ugly fat skin to make my dog food, cause I do make my dog his food!! No “croquettes” for him. He loves all the chicken hearts and livers and ugly skin!!! Good chuckle!! Life and habits are different here! I remember my first discovery of a chicken heart! How dare they leave it in there!! Yes, a chicken WAS a live animal before we ate it!!! Makes you think it over doesn’t it?

    • Lol, I love the hearts myself and it used to be a fight in the kitchen for it as a kid 😀 I’m just not used to buying breasts and having it still attached 🙂

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