The Chicken Quad

Today found me in a cleaning spree … well of sorts.  I woke up very early in a lot of pain and couldn’t find anyway to be comfortable, so I thought well … might as well get up.  Poured a cup of Santo Domingo coffee and enjoyed that while I tried to get moving.  6:30am and I was doing laundry, a much needed two weeks worth of clothes.  6 loads later and a bed stripped and floors washed I felt a little better, the suicidal pain dissipated and became more tolerable.  Hearth and home now sparkled, and I always feel better in a clean place!

After a shower of the usual moderately cold water and yes, feeling rather refreshed <insert sarcasm> I ducked under my covers to warm up.  Dressed and primped a little I grabbed the dog, all 3 pounds of her, and wandered the streets of town.  I walked the short distance to my friend’s shop.  She runs a little clothing store that is uniquely charming and we sit out front and chat and watch the world go by.

We see a lot of interesting things.

Today’s prize view, and this tickled my funny bone, was a little rooster bagged and tied to the back of a quad.  Safely tied and secure with limited vision, he was as calm as a horse with blinders on.  The little fellow is an evil nasty little blighter according to the story.  He was heading for a new home not the cook pot.  At least not yet.  Needs a little fattening up … yes he does!

I think of animal rights in Canada and how the press and the activists would have a field day with this!  Here and in many other countries there is a lot of inhumanity to beasts.  However, I need to reiterate … this little bird was unharmed, secure, and not frightened due to obscured vision from the bag and he had a lot of air.  It was not sealed shut.

The foto is only from my phone so the quality is questionable at best!

Only in DR!  (Well, maybe not, but … )

I wonder what I’ll see next?





Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and


6 responses to “The Chicken Quad

  1. Reading you while having my morning coffee before getting ready for that little shop you talked about! It bring a smile to my face and energy for the day and yes, I too love our conversations just sitting there and watching life go by!! Besos Loca Gringa!

  2. I’ve missed you! I hope you are feeling better. Glad you got out to see the chicken tied to the quad. lol That cracks me up. I wonder what else you will see? I’m sure there are plenty of funnies to see on bicycles, motos, and quads. 🙂

    • Yea, I need to get back out with my camera 🙂 Sorry I’ve been lax in posting. I’d been rather disgusted with some people and stopped writing. I cannot emphasize enough how disgusting and distasteful I find liars and manipulators. So much so that I said “eff it” 😉

      NEED to get back on track.

      Thanx for missing me.

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