My Valentine Fish

Love can be experienced in many ways.  Valentine’s Day seeks to exemplify this.  Whether secretly telling someone you love them, or taking in hand one that already knows, Valentine’s Day is intended to be special.

I’m not a big believer in chocolate exchanges or the ensuing dinners.  Nor do I care for the mushy stuff.  But today, V-Day, was extraordinarily different.  Gone were the cobwebs.

Hand in hand with we entered the sea …

The thing I love most in the whole entire world is water.  Specifically a freshly chlorinated pool (the smell is a throwback to the happiest times in my childhood spent at the community pool), and the ocean.

My gift for V-Day was snorkeling.  And oh my goodness this snorkeling exceeded all other times in the sea.  I am a good swimmer and love poking around looking for stuff on the bottom.  I’ve drowned so many underwater cameras that I’m timid to take another snorkeling, therefore, I have no pictures of this.  I’m not worried, I will remember.  This will be a heart memory not a mind memory.

Suddenly finding myself on my own about 40 feet away from my escort, I was surrounded by a school of at least 1000 fish.  I swam with this unidentified silver species for a while as they darted back and forth, simultaneously changing directions.  It was AMAZING!  Heading back to my partner in the wet I had not felt this good in spirit in a very long time and I beamed.  This was bliss.  We snorkeled for a while longer and the school came back.  It was so much better than 10 minutes earlier.  This became a shared experience!

That’s what V-Day love is all about.  Sharing life’s experiences.

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa
© Loca Gringa and

2 responses to “My Valentine Fish

  1. I’ve totally and completely redefined my definition of love — expanded it really. So I totally get and agree that life’s experiences (especially being enamoured by nature’s gifts) is LOVE

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