A Good Life

Since seeing the woman dumpster dining, I’ve been consciously asking myself, “What is a good life,?” and, “What makes life good?” 
The anal side of me lists off life’s basic needs … shelter, food … etc.  But a good life is so much more!  It’s not about the money you make, because that is simply never enough.  The more you make the more you spend.  I can’t say that poverty is a bad life.  You simply do without and all evidence to me points out that though you may poor, poverty is no indicator of happiness. 
It does irk me that the “HAVE’S” rarely share with the “HAVE NOT’S.”  This is evident in all walks of life and all countries.  Yet here, even the “HAVE NOT’S,” though they seem to have enough money for beer, rum, and cigarettes, salons, manicures … have no money for food (in the same manner that North Americans have) or to help their less fortunate family members.  However, there is always an extra plate of rice available for a wandering in friend, familiy member, or neighbour.  Such a contradiction. 
Ahhhhhh … hospitality!
It also irks me that a lot of the “HAVE NOT’S,” those that are ne’er do wells, think they have a right to what ever the “HAVE’s” have, by whatever means of thievery.  That is all too common here in DR. 
I’ve been thinking of what makes life good.  I’m sure this list can be added to and do feel free to do so in the comments section.
Being true to myself, being true to others, true love, true friends … true, true, true, true … true.  And true = truth!   I think in part that a good life also means being honest.  That’s only true if you have integrity.  No integrity = “don’t give a shit”  How many people do you want to lose in life through dishonesty or manipulation.
We all need supportive people surrounding us.  If we don’t have that, the loneliness is palpable.  People that are TRULY supportive!  Do you see a theme here?
Family can be related or friends, it’s all based on perspective.  You don’t get to choose your blood, but you do get to choose the rest and also choose to accept the blood or not.
Care and Compassion
Having care and compassion for others and being taken care of yourself.  No one person should ever have to dumpster dine!
UNCONDITIONAL LOVE … need I say more!
Whatever that means to you!  NOT what society tells you to believe.  Therein is the key!
No one should ever have to be alone unless by choice.
Faith in a higher power gets you through a lot.  And when my faith wears thin or is forgotten, it’s nice to have loved ones have faith for you.
I read back on this and feel my blessings.  Not only count them, but I feel them.  Yet, I want a little more 😉
Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa
© Loca Gringa and https://locagringa.wordpress.com

4 responses to “A Good Life

  1. I will agree with your beautiful words. I do feel that there is a certain level of poverty that has misery as it’s shadow, but that being said, happiness never always equates to richness. The rich can attest to that, those striving to get rich don’t understand it

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