Postlude to the Christmas Season

After spoiling myself Christmas day with a java and a sweet … after venturing into the vista of beach life … after stopping to smell the flowers … I found myself home.   Feeling at loose ends and rather bored as per the norm I went online and ferreted out my family to skype Christmas with them.  What I didn’t write about in the DR Christmas blog is that I am a klutz with a capital K.  THAT is becoming more evident daily!

Enjoying my time with family and friends while on Skype, me, who never wants to be left out, me, who never wants to miss a thing, gets my butt on off the couch with my laptop to go find some munchies.  Only, as tragedy would have it, taking the laptop with me, forgetting to unplug, DAMN, yes I tripped in the chord!  Ugh!  Face-plant into the floor!  Well not really.  Saving the laptop was my priority, but I did a hell of a wallop to my left knee.   Immediately I check the laptop still in my hands.  It LIVED!  Thanx be to God!  Now for the wounded knee.

What do I do?  I’m all alone, in a foreign country, on Christmas Day!  I somehow managed to get the laptop on the couch, and using a chair I pulled myself up.  Alerted the family online and sought first aid via skype.  Bless my daughter for being trained.  I fell straight on it, straight forward.  So, unless I cracked the kneecap, or did damage to the meniscus I was pretty sure I had just badly bruised it and not broken or torn any ligaments.  (Who am I kidding, I was crapping my pants and couldn’t walk at all.)  And, ugh, another whiplash!!!  I hobbled to the fridge with the aid of the chair, got ice and an anti-inflammatory, grabbed the broom to use as a crutch and hobbled back to my easy chair.   I cushioned myself in, and started google – ing for help.  Oh surrrrrrrrrre <insert sarcasm> the clinic that boasts being open 24 hrs was closed until the next day.  And as typical of this country I could not get through to a soul on the phone.  Oh grrrrr …  now what?  So I left a text message for a doctor friend and a couple other friends, that was the best I could do.  Text messages seem to go throughl

Later that night, I was asked, “why didn’t you go to the hospital?  With a raised eyebrow I responded, “and, how, would I accomplish that?”  How on earth do I get there when no-one answers their phone or the calls don’t get through and I can’t even walk to the road to catch a moto concho!  Sheesh peoples, think a little outside the box please!  Anyway the doctor friend popped by in the morning, examined me and gave me a shot in the ass for pain and inflammation and did a couple more housecalls to me after that and ordered me to stay off my feet.  Nothing broken but could not walk at all for 3 days and have been hobbling ever since.  This is week 2 and I see steady improvement.  What is the moral of the story?  Have several numbers for taxi’s.  Note to self.  I’ll be doing that as soon as I can get around better.

Anyway, I hadn’t been able to get out or do anything.  Home is a mess and a disaster.  I am so bored.  That terminated my New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, not to mention not spending Three King’s Day watching the kids open gifts.  My own doctor told me to give it a couple more weeks at a follow-up appointment.  Soooon gonna get back in the saddle.  I have cabin fever!

Taking pity on me and taking over my sweet friend came by today to help me clean house.  I hate asking for help and was bullied into letting her help me.  I washed the bedding and she hung it out to dry.  And, she disposed of the rat snout and entrails that the neighbour’s cat so graciously left on my outdoor couch.  The woman is a dynamo!  Gone are the cobwebs on the OUTSIDE too!  Now everything sparkles!  If anyone ever tells me again how lazy Dominicans are, I swear to God I’m gonna blast them with a sizable piece of my mind!

In this country, I have received the utmost care medically speaking, and down-home care from caring friends!  That’s La Republica Dominicana!

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and


10 responses to “Postlude to the Christmas Season

  1. All is well then…you got medical treatment, you got help getting your house cleaned up, and you now know what you need to have ready for an emergency. Apart from that, sorry you ended up on your knees in such a painful manner…that’s when we learn to truly appreciate various parts of our body, when they don’t function anymore.

  2. ” I hate asking for help and was bullied into letting her help me.”

    For once, I love the concept of a bully. Haha.

    Take care dear. You been through a lot of discomfort really.

    • 😀 Kindness in these people knows no bounds. Many will read this and say, “yea but how much payment do they want?” or “you are gringa they expect payment.” To those I say … “not everyone operates in life by your low standards.”

  3. Hi, I hope this will make you feel better. I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Because even though you see heartache, you make it seem like everything is OK, by doing by photography and making a bad place look better through your eyes and how you see things. Which is a great quality to have, you are very blessed in that way.

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