Gringa Makes Wishes – Happy New Year to All


From my beach in the beautiful Dominican Republic to all of you!  A big huge thank you to all my followers!

My wishes, one for each month of the year, and an extra for the lunar cycle:

  1. Good Health for all of those that are suffering and for those that aren’t so they never have to suffer
  2. Stress and all the stressors … may they vanish
  3. Love of and from family and friends and the new people you welcome into your lives
  4. Happiness in all you are and all you endeavor to do and to be
  5. Friendships to grow and grow strong and be ever so abundant
  6. Peace and Solace to continue and to be found
  7. Success in whatever manner you consider success to be
  8. Good Fortune and Good Luck because sometime we need a little unknown boost
  9. Money to be abundant in your lives and fulfill your needs
  10. For all to realize their potential and intelligence and to use them wisely in tempering their decisions
  11. Prosperity and the ability to make your financial dreams come true
  12. For you to be accepted, and never simply tolerated!

The extra wish (that shall not be numbered 😉  … And, above all for you to be blessed in all ways imaginable!  Blessed be!

Love and Huggz!


Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and


7 responses to “Gringa Makes Wishes – Happy New Year to All

  1. If only a few of these come true, it will be a good year, don’t you think! If everything comes true, there’d be no struggle left, only the boredom of drinking mango daiquiries and lying around in a hammock…. good for a few days (or weeks)….and then….?
    Wishing you everything you are ready for in the New Year 🙂

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