El Pirata de la Libertad


Heart was so tired and lonely,
She set sail on one last course.
Every breath Heart‘s sails took in,
Showed that life lends no remorse.

Life said, “Take what I give you!”
Heart fought back in loving kind,
“I’ll live life on my own terms.
I’ll not follow you so blind.”

Life took her through storm and squall,
Through calm and doldrums combined.
Landed on many beaches,
Many pebbles she did find.

Some she skimmed on the water.
Pretty ones were kept in hand.
Mused in mind how long they’d stay,
Or become part of the land.

Shackled to a sailing life,
drifting more from shore to shore.
Heart thought … pondered, “am I free?”
Realized she needed more.

Heart gazed through the looking glass,
Opened the door to her mind,
Come in, come in she beckoned,
And whatever did she find?

Pirata came upon her,
Swiftly seeking her last hold.
Heart held fast, she closed the door.
Too late!  Did as she was told.

Forced his way into Heart’s mind,
Held fast her every desire.
Gently he caressed her soul,
Blazing Heart was so afire.

Freedom on the open seas,
Is not for sailing alone.
Heart beat swift for Pirata,
She now knew she was at home.

Who wins the rights to Freedom,
On these dark and desperate seas?
Pirata has now stolen,
He has claimed my Heart from me.

Drift of spray upon my face,
Awakened from mind’s wander.
Ha!  My freedom isn’t lost!
A dream … to sit and ponder!

Pirata …


Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa



© Loca Gringa, http://locagringapoetry.wordpress.com, and https://locagringa.wordpress.com

First Publised:   May 31, 2013· by Loca Gringa


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