Luck, Good Fortune … Blessings!

I sit here today counting my blessings, or good fortune, or plain simple luck … call it what you will.  I have my kids, a descent home at the beach, close enough to the city to venture back and forth at whim.  A few good friends that I love with all my heart in my corner, always, thanx for that folks!  No pretenses.  I am at peace!  No complications, no drama, no “high-school” b.s. until … <drum roll please>

I went for a walk today after receiving a distressing message, several distressing messages from a couple different people.  WHY do they all come at once.  Is it a law of physics that I’ve somehow forgotten?

So, where did I go?  Why, to the beach of course!  Instant serenity!  I plodded along the deserted sands devoid of people or beach chairs, sat on a log and watched the waves roll in.  This is where I get called Loca!  Gringa alone on a deserted beach in DR.  I figure, whatever happens will happen anyway.  I closed my eyes and imagined my stresses and stressors being washed away with every receding wave.  Feeling rejuvenated I got up and as I walked, picked up the few pieces of garbage I saw and put them in the bag I had with me.  I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying a bag for just these things.  Theory:  if everyone did this that went to the beach in DR, rather than add to the litter, pick up the litter, in no time at all, the beaches would be pristine.  Then, you could say this is paradise!

I continued walking, sitting, thinking … thinking … thinking …  These are people that I love with all my heart, that bad stuff is happening to, It’s not my bad stuff, but theirs.  But love, when you love them, you hurt for them.  I’ve been through more than my fair share of garbage in my life.  A old friend told me earlier, “I hope … the most important thing is that you’re happy … if there’s love … everything else can be handled!  Love gives you the ability to endure, to bear things that normally you could not stand to, love makes you see “the greater good” and that’s the best, when there is no love you only see the defects.”  ~J.L. Cunha.  Wow!  That goes right into my soul.  Wisdom from Venezuela!  More proof that people are people regardless of geography or culture.

So, my two loves that are having these difficulties, if you read this, know that I love you and only want exactly for you (and me) what my friend stated.  I want for us, a little more than “love conquers all!”  I want for us, peace, serenity, stability … everything that love from another person provides.

I’m lucky.  I’m alive.  I get to greet each day.  Seems pretty simple.  I have people I love that love me back.  I want these blessings for everyone I love.  Love, unconditional, no agenda!

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and


4 responses to “Luck, Good Fortune … Blessings!

  1. Nice Thanksgiving message. We have a special day just for giving thanks no matter where in the world we are. Living abroad gives us all the more to be thankful for. Bendiciones, Gringa.

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