Today I walked the beach.  Not very well I might add as I’m thinking the rather full moon has had an effect on the ocean, the waves have crept up and there’s really not much beach left.  But walk it I did.  300 feet from my front door, life doesn’t really get much better.  Clean sand, fresh breeze … no concrete jungle … ahhhhh!  There’s not too many people around, could simply be that’s it’s Tuesday and off-season.  I enjoyed very much the peace and solitude as I waddled along .

I had the company of a Golden Retriever for a while.  Not sure if he’s a stray or simply has his liberty.  He affectionately nuzzled my hand and wanted pats, and, I was more than happy to oblige.  We sat together on a log for a bit, sought shelter at a mini burst of rain found us, and resumed our venture afterward.  I’ld like to name this pooch if only for a reference point so that one day I can say, “I remember the day when xxxxx and I walked the beach and did … yada yada yada.”  I’ll have to think on that.


We sat back down for more love.  I felt a little like the old (wo)man and the sea … with a dog rather than a pipe!  I wonder how Hemingway felt as he wrote that piece?  I surveyed the area, the fishing boats were quiet and the fishermen were selling their catch.  Yea, I don’t know how they do it, sorta stinks.  It’s no surprise that the boats are all in, ha!  I am not fast on getting started in the mornings.  My idea of fishing doesn’t involve a boat nor does it involve getting up at the crack of early, though, I did see a great surf rod at the hardware store yesterday.  Yup, thinkin on the rod!

As I sat on the log and pooch on the sand I looked out at the converging waves in the distance.  There’s some pretty wild surf out there.  Two currents coming together at what I imagine must be a reef, and crashing into each other.  Raw, wicked power.  A little offside the waves diverge.  Going in separate directions, white caps, in a roll of waves.  I definitely don’t want to be caught out there.


The next two fotos were taken a few days back when all was calm.  The difference is truly amazing.



I sat thinking that people are a lot like the sea.  Some are deep, some are shallow, and some are like the doldrums … plain boring.  Some as dangerous as the undertow.  And, some crash into each other, and some drift apart.  Great similarities.  Me you ask, which am I?  Well truth is I’m shallow.  Jajajaja, I’m too short to be deep and that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

The sea was rough today, as for the last couple days.  It’s not good for swimming I think I’ll wait for some calm.  Swimming alone is dangerous enough, I don’t need to be a fool do do so when some of the waves are higher than I am.  Jajaja, all 5 feet of them, these are not 20 foot walls of water, but I’m certainly not a strong swimmer anymore.  A lot of things are becoming spectator sport, that is the dismal part of my life.

It’s not difficult here, at peace, to reflect.  I am grateful for my solitude once again, for the few good people I have in my life, for the courage to follow my heart, and for the intelligence that leads me and allows me to follow my heart.  I realized a long time ago, the only place I’m content is at the sea.  Simply seeing it on the way to Las Americas Airport from the bus gives me a calmness as does being in the country.  But the sea, oh the sea … I love you so!

I have everything in life that is meant to be for me except … next on my list … one huge beach blanket!

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and


7 responses to “Shore

  1. I love your comparisons of people and the sea….hmmmm, got me thinkin’…what am I? I’ll have to get back to ya on that!! What a great beach time you had with poochie!! 🙂

  2. The dog reminds me a bit of a mix between a retriever, a coyote and a red fox. “Foxy?”
    So you claim you are “shallow,” eh? If that is so, you sure came up with a very “shallow” metaphor comparing people to the sea 🙂

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