Wash Day … Is Every Day

One of my favourite things in day-to-day life is laundry!  Not the act of “doing” the laundry, oh heavens no!  But the smell of freshly laundered clothes.  It doesn’t matter what detergent is used, they all pretty much smell fresh!  Here in the Dominican Republic, all varieties of laundry soap are available, and then some!  My favourite for the smell is Fab.  I think the company got the name right … FAB ulous!

In the Dominican Republic, laundry is a chore for most.  Either hand-washed or semi-automatic spin-washers are used.  I cannot get the handle on the spinner!  Damn thing never wants to balance for me.  The more affluent of course have automatic washers and dryers as they do in Canada or the USA.

Line drying is the norm.   What we see as the norm, here exists in using anything as a line.  From actual clothes line, to old electric chords, to barbwire fences, to trees, to the ground … anything goes!

This is a pictorial of one of women’s toils  …  can you envision in your mind the fresh scent?  I can!  Cheers to the women of this country who are at the family’s beck and call, who for many hold down jobs only to come home to have to cook and clean, and yes do laundry!  All the while, while there may or may not be water or electricity available.

To these women … I salute you!












Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and https://locagringa.wordpress.com


6 responses to “Wash Day … Is Every Day

  1. I’ll take the yellow pants. I love the scent of sun-dried clothes too. Sometimes, I hang my own clothes on hooks in the pergola. I remember being enveloped in billowing bed sheets as I took them from the clothesline as a child. Ah, the scent of sun-dried sheets…
    I love the smell of this post! 🙂

  2. bushes… trees… fences… lots of people here hang hangers on the metal supports under the roof in a carport or patio. Sometimes it seems like every house everywhere has laundry out! Here too, I’ve never seen so many varieties of laundry soap and scents. I thought maybe in this humid climate where it’s easy for things to get musty, people like the good smelling soaps.

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