Inner Peace and Sunshine Award


Thanks to Jessica who is on an incredible journey,  for the Inner Peace and Sunshine Award nomination.  We have followed each other’s blog since Jessica began her bucket list of travel.  She has amazing perspective, be sure to have a look-see.   Live vicariously through other bloggers!  Yup, armchair travel, though not as good as the real thing, still draws us in, in our minds!  Wishing Jessica and her turquoise life continued success in her adventures!

The Inner Peace and Sunshine Award


1. Write a short piece on why you are accepting it.

2. Show the award on your blog.

3. Write a post about the award and thank the blogger who gave it to you.

4. Give the award to 10 other bloggers who you think deserve it.

5. Link those 10 winners in your post and write them a comment letting them know.

6. Write 10 interesting things about you.

The 10 Bloggers I Nominate:

Beauty Along the Road,  A wonderfully uplifting blog.  She sees the positive in all and is unafraid to tell you, “hey wake up.”
Linda Olsen, Linda Olsen’s paintings ARE inner peace!
Tenderheartmusings,  Himani B wears her heart on her sleeve!
Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua,   Perspectives on life on Ometepe Island.
The Panama Adventure,  Ex-Pats in Panama, with more unique interpretations.
In da Campo,  Another Ex-Pat in Panama, do you see a theme here 😉
The Salted Caramel Life,   Another bucket list world traveler.  Love living through her posts.
Natalia Maks,   A passionate photographer who’s images capture your heart.
Where’s My Backpack,  Through travel themes she inspires many to write.  I’ve gained much wisdom on my own abilities through here assignments.
Flying Gypset,  A highly infectious positivity.  That is her blog.  What better way to inner peace that positive writings, positive travels, and positive addictions!

10 Things About Me:

-I’m a former adventurer who now takes it easy as an ex-pat in the Dominican Republic.
-I’m told that I am brave for having moved to a different country not knowing the language or the culture.
-I’m from the Canadian prairies
-I grew up in the city but spent as much time as I could in the country at the farm.
-I was 4 years old when I first sat atop a horse, thus began a great love.
-I studied at U of M, favourites were Geological Sciences and Mathematics.
-I should have studied Environmental Sciences and Marine Biology.
-I worked for the same university for 10 years helping students.  Loved the students!
-I love walking the beach but detest sand, go figure <insert sarcastic smile here>
-I’m disabled, though not a visible disability, that limits what I can do but doesn’t define who I am.

Why I am Accepting This Award:

Wao, I am constantly seeking inner peace and it is a continual struggle to do so in our world of external influences.  I am indeed humbled to accept this award.  Inner peace is reached more often in my life through my writing.  It offers me the opportunity of recognizing perspective.  Life continually throws you curve balls.  My blog is honest and from the heart, and, a little whimsical in the poetry section.  It is through the poetry section where my inner peace is achieved.  The remainder of my blog is to give awareness of the wonderful country I find myself in, through my eyes 😉

The 10 I’ve nominated give ME inner peace!  Love your blogs folks.  You inspire!

Carry on and pay it forward!

4 responses to “Inner Peace and Sunshine Award

  1. Gracias, amiga! 🙂 Along with the honor of being listed, I really enjoy seeing who else is on the list and exploring other great blogs that you have found. Travelers? Photographers? Artists? Yep, you have a list that interests me greatly 🙂

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