Change of Seasons

I sit here and mull over my lack of “change of seasons.”  When I lived in Canada I was often asked, “what is your favourite season?”  What was my answer you ask?  Well … the answer was simple:

1.  Winter  –  I love winter because of the crispness in the air.  There is no dust and no allergens flying around.  I love the smell of the first snow.  I love that the snow is like a blanket tucking in our world for a few months rest.  I realize that the snowfall is technically in autumn, but we all relate snow to winter.  I love that it gets dark early and THAT along with the cold gives me an excuse to hibernate.  I love the Yuletide season and all the lights.  I love the outdoor excursions to celebrate and skating in the park.  I love fireplaces.

2.  Spring  –  I love spring because I feel the warmth of the sunshine on my face and the coolness of the snow underfoot!  A re-birth of possibilities exists.  I love seeing the first prairie crocus.  The daffodils, and tulips brought in from Holland brighten the office desks.  I love the snow-melt and the water trickling down the streets.  I love digging little trenches for the water to run away.  I love the very first rains and the thunderstorms.

3.  Summer  –  I love the clear blue skies and the strength of the sun beating down.  I love being at the beach and enjoying “spitz” and the refreshing coolness of the water.  I love Slurpees … need I say more!  I love that the days are long but I still can’t quite fit enough living into them.  I love going to pick strawberries, raspberries, and saskatoons.  I love tending the garden and backyard fire-pits.  I love buskers and entertainment in local parks.  I love getting up at the crack of early to go fishing.  What I love most are road trips and camping out.

4.  Autumn  –  I love putting the garden to rest and harvesting the last of everything before the first frost.  I love the first frost.  I love road-trips to see the fall colours.  I love that Thanksgiving and Halloween are right around the corner.  I love doing up a feast of roast beast and making Halloween costumes for the kiddies.  They were awesome witch and witches cat one year, and little fairies the next.  Amazing what you can do with a little glitter paint.  I love sitting by the river in the crisp air relaxed and content because I’m the only one on the riverbank because everyone else is too afraid to face the coolness.  I love the first snow!

I love all the seasons for different reasons.  I’ve been listening to my friends way up north of somewhere south lamenting about lost summer and how it’s gotten cold, or how they’ve already gotten snow.  I remember snuggling into my snuggly favourite sweaters.  It’s kind of like hugging a cat.  I’ve been having a meltdown of 35 degrees Celsius that feels like 45 due to the humidity.  It makes me long for a little coolness.  It’s so strange to walk through the stores in mid October to see full on Christmas.  I have to say, THAT, I find to be a bit of a hoot!


Do I miss the seasons?  Sure I do.  Do I love having virtually only one season of perpetual summer?  Sure I do.  Everywhere you are, everywhere you live, whether north or south, there is so much that is special about all of it!  One is not better than the other.  They are different.  Here, the seasons seem to be “Surface of the Sun Season,” and “Less Hot Season.”  Looking forward to less hot!

My message is this, no matter where you are, enjoy what you have.  Enjoy it to the seasonal max!

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and


8 responses to “Change of Seasons

  1. Bravo! I love your outlook!! I’m with you…Let’s just love this life and soak it all up each day!! Thanks for such beautifully spoken sentiment about all this is delicious! Cheers!

  2. You’ve made Winter sound romantic.

    My mother says that the snow is on the way any day now. I think I’ll enjoy the sunshine and the humidity for a while and forget about the snow for a while as I listen to the neighbor cut down the jungle out there. 🙂

    • Winter IS romantic, “coolies” … jajaja, quickies in the snow! In all seriousness, all seasons are romantic, all locals are romantic if you let them be 🙂

    • Sweaters and a change of clothes for at work works wonders. And my favourite, a pashmina around my neck kept me comfy in the office. Perfect for fall weather.

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