Four … No … Five … Wait, Six, Yes Six Elements for Love

You are the air that I breathe.
Every breath is a miracle.
You are the breeze that sends me soaring to new heights.
You give me hope, you give me life.
I fly in your arms.

You are the water that quenches my thirst.
My drought ends with you.
You cleans my essence.
You nourish my growth.
I float on your wisdom.

You are the earth that keeps me grounded.
You keep me real.
You bring life to my seeds of thought.
You caress those seeds and make them flourish.
I grow because of you.

You are the fire that ignites my imagination.
That fuels my energy.
You bring passion to my soul.
You light my way.
I see clearly by your flame.

You are the metal in my strength.
My steel of conviction.
You are my foundation.
When I am weak you carry me.
I am strong by influence.

Where my spirit is lacking,
You pick up the slack.
You are my balance in all ways.
You patiently keep me on track.
I have faith, because YOU believe.

All that I am is born of your love for me.

You believe   …   in me!

Though admittedly not my best work, this was inspired as both a tribute to the elements and a tribute to the love we all seek and deserve.  Though this falls a little short of the normal poetry, I have included it in the poetry section.  I realize it’s not a “formula” piece.  I recently read somewhere that love is the root to healing all evils, or something along those lines.  These elements represent our basal needs.  Air to breathe, water to live, earth to grow, fire to survive, metal to strengthen, and spirit through which all miracles happen.  When all our basal needs are met, when we matter to other individuals, unconditionally … our world opens.  Without love, we are nothing.  With love, we flourish, we can go on to do great things.  If, in our world, we all had the benefit of this experience, there would be ultimate peace and all that peace implies.

My apologies for my absence.  The last few articles did me in.  I found myself overstimulated by many physical issues and many, many griefs.  I confess to having a hard time getting back on track.  Please see the Foundations Tab if you are unaware of the reasons for my stimulation.  Back on track is still coming.  There is much more to write on Foundations, but for the moment, I simply want to write a little light-hearted.

Sending a little Gringa love out to you!

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and


3 responses to “Four … No … Five … Wait, Six, Yes Six Elements for Love

  1. Thank you very much for your comment. I sent you an email. I particularly find it interesting that you commented on what in my opinion is my worst piece! Just goes to show you that beauty in prose as well as art is appreciated differently by different people. I feel the need to rework this but am in a writer’s doldrum.

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