Trust – Another Musing

Nooo not my place ... my wanna be place!

Nooo not my place … my wanna be place!

I wander around my property today, plucking at the weeds and tidying sporadically.  The avocado tree in the back yard has once again taken over the rooftop.  Not having the right tools to prune it back I’m grateful that the branches break off easily.  I took an armful of branches across the roof and tossed them over the front of the house.  Not being steady on my feet with the stairs this was a good solution.  Why oh why does everything have to take twice as long for me to do?  The heat of the sun in my concrete bunker makes me long for campo.  Once again my mind adrift and I’m in thought in Samaná.

Within minutes what seemed to be a microburst drove me to seek cover in the house.  “Get off the roof,” the dark cloud screamed at me.  A lot of rain and good gusts of wind blew in.  It didn’t last long, maybe it was a mini microburst?  None-the-less, I sure love the rain here, it always freshens the air.  I cleaned myself off a little and waited it out.  Gazing out the front door I was once again lost in thought.  Reflecting over the many people I’ve met over the last few weeks.  Truly blessed.  With the welcome silence, the rain drove away the loud music off the street, sitting on the front stoop I bagged the leaves and branches.

With every branch I broke and with every leaf I stuffed into the bag I was thinking about THE PEOPLE.  I was thinking how some of them were suspicious and mistrusting, imagining how they got to that point through my own reference of life experiences.  Those were mostly the older ones.  I wonder how much of that stems from the fact that we are the “haves” and they are the “have nots?”  The younger ones appeared very trusting, and bright eyed.  I wondered how long before they would become as jaded if their lives didn’t have an upturn.  The small children, some were very shy, others completely trusting.  I thought of the little Hilary that held her arms up to me to pick her up.  Complete trust, freely given, I didn’t have to earn her trust.  Once again this child in absència is performing a little miracle in my heart.   She trusted ME!  She trusted me in so many innate ways and I am honoured.  This was all very thought provoking.



This led me to thinking of my own personal issues with trust.  I am sooooo not a trusting person, and with very good reasons based on my history.  I am well aware of my lack of trust, and my misplaced trusts.  I’ve gotten jaded in my own right.  My own cocky attitude that my trust has to be earned.   How egotistical is that?  Ridiculously so.

How about flipping the tables …

How about instead of being snobbishly egotistical …

How about we provide others with reasons to trust us!  It’s not so hard.  Open communication, honesty, KINDNESS (whatever happened to that in the world), love, lead by example.  Do things that make others trust YOU, without wavering.  And, when they genuinely offer the same in return … accept it!

Just a thought …

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and


4 responses to “Trust – Another Musing

  1. Inspiring post! Keep hacking away at those weeds. They remind me, metaphorically, of the layers of emotions we hide. Soon, the shadows will disappear, and you’ll be free to trust, to express your vulnerabilities, and to enjoy the clear view. You’re already on your way, mi amiga.

    • What a wonderful way of looking at it! I get lost in thought doing mundane activities. Too bad I can’t get electrode connections to transcribe my thoughts… would be so much simpler

  2. In Costa Rica, the towering trees shrouded my little tin roof, and the howler monkeys often slept in those branches and watched over me like protective dogs! How great that you have avocados overhead!

    I look forward to when I have more time online so I can read more!


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