Travel Theme: Simplicity

I confess to having a very difficult time with this travel theme.  Everywhere I look I see simplicity.  Or, simply poverty.  When I lived in Canada, a number of years ago there was a movement to simplify your life.  Get back to basics, no car, no TV … no luxuries.  I’ve done that living in Dominican Republic, however my housing is not that of poverty.  Is there a difference between simplicity and poverty?  Do people equate simplicity with rural life at the turn of the century?  What do I equate with simplicity?  Certainly not my laptop or my DSLR camera.  Perhaps, simplicity is NEED versus WANT.  What do we need?  A roof over our heads, food in our stomachs, clothing on our backs, love … above basic needs, everything else is gravy on the mashed potatoes.  The difference between simplicity and poverty … a reader mentioned that poverty has a whole other set of complexities and not by choice.  So very true, I was remiss in not mentioning that before this edit.

I will spend the next while pondering simplicity.  What do I NEED?  I know what I want, now to see about reducing that a little more…

Thanx for provoking thought Ailsa!

This chicken coop made with poles and chicken wire, tee-pee style boasts of simplicity.  Protecting its little flock in a very inexpensive manner.  Perfect for a poor farmer.

Chicken coop at the finca.

Chicken coop at the finca.

The simplicity of believing.  Belief without explanation, without seeking explanation, without the need for explanation.



At one, in the Caribbean Sea.  Simplicity at its tranquil best.  Just “being!”

Juan Dolio, DR  2010

Juan Dolio, DR 2010

A walk on the beach.  Nothing complicated, free of charge, a still peacefulness, at one with nature.

Juan Dolio, DR 2009

Juan Dolio, DR 2009

A senior washing her clothing in a pan in a Batey … poverty induced simplicity.

Hand washing clothing.

Hand washing clothing.

Energy efficient clothes dryer …



Free range piglets.  The mother, a very large sow, was wandering around in the background.  Simplicity … no pen!

Free range pigs.

Free range pigs.

Thanx to:

for offering up the challenge of this assignment.

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

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4 responses to “Travel Theme: Simplicity

  1. Well for a post you had trouble writing, I found it really moving. Waay shorter than my essays, but perhaps I’m reflecting on my own life in Martinique and also grappling with what I see and how my life now compares to my London life; I also had TV-less friends, could never quite make the jump, but have not missed it since I’ve been here. Crazy, right?
    You equated simplicity with poverty really quickly and although material poverty can mean simple living, poverty can also make life extremely complicated and the total opposite of simplicity! I just got the urge to say that. Hav jus discovered your blog an it looks ace. As a fellow English blogger living in her second language I suspect we hav a few experiences in common!

    • Yes, I am glad you responded that poverty creates it’s own complexities. I neglected to put that in there and it should be. Yes maybe I’m too materialistic yet. I’ve downsized my life to a few suitcases and boxes in comparisons to the past, trying to simplify. Trying to discern between need and want. There is simplicity in poverty, but only materially.

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