Beach Safety



Some of the most serious hazards of any beach or natural waterway are the unexpected currents.  The Dominican Republic is no exception.   We’ve all been taught to swim with a buddy, never swim alone, etc.  That in itself is good, however, knowledge of your environment takes it a step further.  The last thing you want is to trap your buddy along with yourself in a rip current while he’s trying to save you!  Heroes drown too!

This is a country with many beaches and few lifeguards and RIP CURRENTS can be strong.  It is also important to note that rip currents can change.  Therefore, always look for them and expect the unexpected.  Where yesterday there was no current, today may very well be different.  I’ve seen tranquil beaches become very dangerous.

The following links from NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, will teach you how to identify rip currents and offer tips on how to stay safe and how to get out of a rip current.  The NOAA website is by far the most useful website in the world for all your weather related needs.  Though it is an American website, the information contained is useful worldwide.

Stay safe!

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

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2 responses to “Beach Safety

  1. You are so right! Living along the US Atlantic coast has taught us a lot about the perils of rip currents. And when we lived on the Oregon coast, the biggest dangers were logs on the beach and rogue waves. The 2 rules were 1) Never turn your back on the ocean and 2) Never get between a log and the ocean (so you can’t get rolled in). All the best, Terri

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