Travel Theme: Peaceful

Peacful, serenity abounds and there’s nothing more amazing than learning a little behind a foto!

This is a foto I took a few years ago in Juan Dolio.  The subject in this foto is a middle aged man that was privileged to live at one of the hotels.  I’ve long since forgotten his name but I remember his story.  Funny how that happens isn’t it!  He was a consultant that designed kitchens for large hotels.  I met him while on a walk on the beach.  I do that a lot!  Meet people walking on the beach that is.  Anyway I digress.

I first saw him coming out of the sea spear gun in one hand, his catch in the other.  He immediately caught my curiosity and I went over to satisfy that curiosity.  This man was a fountain of local information and information on some not so nice aspects of hotel chains.  But, what was most interesting was his very relaxed lifestyle.  Both he and his wife lived at one of the resorts.  He was an avid hunter and snorkeler and told me of the seasons in which to find specific creatures at that part of the beach and a bit about reef life.  I found it interesting that he hunted a type of small deer on the island.  Hunting seems to go with the Great White North, sometime after a November snowfall, not in the Dominican Republic.

He had a collection of conch at his domicile at the resort.  Laughingly, he told me that his wife insisted they had enough and prohibited him from returning with more.  But he loved to eat lambi and continued to smuggle them to the cook.  He showed me the best snorkeling area in the shallows.  Often he would go and bring home “lunch”.  The cook at the hotel would fix up his catch.  He taught me how to find the lobsters and crabs and when the large conch would come in around the reef, inching their way slowly with their foot.

He lived a life of peace and tranquility.  I was immediately relaxed in his presence.

He looks a solitary lonely image.  He was not lonely, he was with his love … the sea.  We chatted after I took the shot, he smiled and said, “I like to finish my day with the sunset over the Caribbean Sea.”  He was at peace, in his environment.

Juan Dolio, DR  2010

Juan Dolio, DR 2010

As I look at this picture, wonder finds it’s way into my heart and mind, will I ever find this serenity?  this peace and contentment?  And if so, in which chapter of my life?  How many more pages must I turn?  There really aren’t that many chapters left …

THIS is the time to start trying to make a little bit of a difference … the next chapter!  Maybe clone a Hemingway novel … “The Old Woman and the Sea.”  Hmm, lil food for thought!


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for offering up the challenge of this assignment.

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

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