Travel Theme: Costume

These fabulous clowns were entertaining in Parque Colon in Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone for Dia de la Altagracia.  The children were all fits and giggles.

Favourite Clown


DSC06512Period costumes at Altos de Chavon!  Yes, even the donkey gets in on the act!  Imagine these clothes in the extreme heat of the Caribbean … “get me back to the beach … QUICK!”



One of the many living statues at the Hardrock Hotel and Casino in Bavaro, DR.  The makeup is truly amazing, and they don’t move an inch all the while they are “performing”.  I cannot imagine how tired they must be when they are done!

Living Statue - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Bavaro

Living Statue – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Bavaro

Master of the bonfire at one of the beach hotels.  This young man was awarded entertainer of the year.  He was truly phenomenal.

Tribal - Juan Dolio - DR

Tribal – Juan Dolio – DR

There are many more costumes used in Dominican Republic.  I encourage you to Google “carneval” in DR.  Amazing artistry exists in this country.  Many of the traditional costumes are used in performances as well.  From hotels to public venues, costumes run the gambit.

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Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

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4 responses to “Travel Theme: Costume

  1. truly gorgeous clowns here! I have experienced carnival in Trinidad & Tobago, a total riot of color, music, swaying, trance-like movements as people dance in the streets through the night. Truly an experience!

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