Travel Theme: The Four Elements


What can I say about EARTH?  How to explore this element was a challenge.  Having some background in Geological Sciences, my focus always surrounds rocks.  Las Haitises National Park is geologically speaking a Karst Platform.  Simply put, limestone has eroded into fissures, sinkholes, underground streams, and caverns.  This geological miracle is the second largest Karst Platform in the world.  Therefore, my first foto of EARTH is from within the earth.  This is one of the hundreds of caves on the island.  With a little peek to the outside world!  Can you just imagine those bygone days of … El Pirata!

Cavern in Las Haitises

Cavern in Las Haitises

Continuing with the focus on rocks, this house is a replica of a 17th century Mediterranean home in Altos de Chavon.  Altos de Chavon is an entire 17th century Mediterranean village recreated in 1976.  The construction is made from natural limestone from the island … EARTH!

Altos de Chavon

Altos de Chavon


My love for my island stems from a love affair with the sea, both in it and on it.  If you’ve read my pirata poems there is nothing I love more than the wind and the spray in my face.  For AIR is the breath of life, it not only fills my sails, it fills all sails … oh to explore this element … infinitely!

Catamaran to Catalina

Catamaran to Catalina

The speedboat seems to want to race the distant sailboat.  She too is … “catching some air!”  That’s some rough ride if you are sitting at the hull.




Ahhhhh, WATER.  Cool clear water, my favourite or all the elements.  I love everything about water.  With this pictorial, I thought I would explore water’s dark side.  Water is the most powerful natural agent on the planet.  As seen in the above photo of Las Haitises National Park, water erosion is a strong violent element.  The following two photos are of a sinkhole eroded away in the lava in Juan Dolio.  It’s quite a spectacular sight in person.

Sink hole.


Sinkhole empty.

Sinkhole empty.


The FIRE element, I’m exploring a little differently.  Those little dancing flames that flicker with life seem pale by grandiose thoughts of volcanoes.  Here, we have historic lava, but no active volcanoes.  My imagination ran dry floating through pics for this element.  A forest fire perhaps?  Mmm, no.  Those pics were just not clear enough.  Lightening, no pics.  Rather than natural, I’ve chosen artificial.  The first of the pairing is of a bonfire on the beach at my favourite hotel.  Once a week weather permitting, they strike up a match … I love the embers … and … the memories!

Bonfire at the Cora Costa Caribe

Bonfire at the CCC

The other is the fire in the kitchen!  Doesn’t that bring visions of dancing!  A little celtic tune in the background!  Fire, flame, in this country, ya gotta cook with gas and Bachata or Merengue as your tunes.  This is no natural gas stove, but a super fancy schmancy campstove.  Basically, my kitchen stove is a propane burner.  There is no natural gas pipeline here and with electricity being costly, only the well to do have electric stoves.  Being no domestic goddess and very domestically challenged, cooking on this, has taken some getting used to.  Yes, I admit it, there was a slight learning curve.  I can say … jejeje … I’ve stopped turning the burgers into meteors!

Blue flame of propane!

Blue flame of propane!

I hope you enjoyed the little bit of whimsy and pictorial.  Now I wonder, “Does Netflix stream the “Fifth Element?”  I have but one name to utter from that movie … Ruuuuuby Rod!  Need a flix fix!  Thanx a lot Ailsa!

Thanx to:

for offering up the challenge of this assignment.

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

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