El Galeón Andalucía – “La Pepa”

El Galeón “La Pepa” is a floating museum, an Ambassador for Spain.  She set sail in 2012 in celebration of Spain’s Bicentennial, their first democratic Constitution dating back to 1812.  A replica of a 17th century Spanish Galleon, her sails beckon in the distance and strike a curiosity in all who see.

She was docked in Santo Domingo, February 24 -March 3, 2013 as part of her Ibero-American Tour.  How fitting that I was able to board February 27th, 2013, Dominican Republic Independence Day.  The other countries she will or has visited at this point on her tour are:  Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, and the USA.

This replica of a Spanish trading ship is fully equipped with modern technology.  Climbing aboard, you are greeted by fantastic rigging for her three masts and 7 sails, all neatly positioned and tucked away.  Canons gleamed, the anchors were polished, and the bell in her perfection did not once toll.  The bell and canons sat quietly as guests admired them.  The bell of course will likely have tolled as she was leaving dock for her next destination.

She boasts the “everything” of your piratey tall ship dreams, with the exception of the pirate flag.  You do have to look beyond the museum signage, ropes and glass to let your imagination run amok.  I could imagine myself at the helm sailing the seven seas, cutlass in hand, and, jejeje, going for my … um … plunder!  Those of you that have read my “El Pirata” poems know how they all end.  The fresh breeze, the gleaming timber polished to within an inch of it’s life, ah, the freedom to be attained.  I could feel the salt on my face begging me …

I hope you enjoy the pictorial of a magical day!



















Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa and https://locagringa.wordpress.com


2 responses to “El Galeón Andalucía – “La Pepa”

    • It was really cool. Set up to museum standards as well. Plaques everywhere explaining things. Very informative. It was a little sterile because of it, but yet a marvelous ship!

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