I look back on yesterlife,
Thoughts and feelings on love and strife.

I look back on yesteryear,
Thoughts and feelings many a tear.

I look back on yestermonth,
Thoughts and feelings a labyrinth.

I look back on yesterweek,
Thoughts and feelings my mind does speak.

I look back on yesterday,
Thoughts and feelings not far away.

I look now on to today,
Thoughts and feelings to have a say.

I look to tomorrows day,
Thoughts and feelings too far away.

Abyss in time sound the drums,
What if never tomorrow comes?

Think not of past or future woes,
Think of today, It only knows.

Look instead out to today,
Life is great it’s going my way.


Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa,, and

First Published:  February 14, 2013· by Loca Gringa


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