You gave me water and lead me to drink,
Imprisoned by your beauty,
My wings clipped by love,
I dare not fly.

You gave me seed, but so very little,
Yet I loved you entirely,
My wings clipped by hope,
I dare not fly.

I sang you songs, love’s greatest token,
My melody for only you.
My wings clipped by joy,
I dare not fly.

You left me alone and forgotten,
Confused, broken, my weakened state.
My wings clipped by faith,
I dare not fly.

The memories of my love for you,
What once was will not ever be,
My wings clipped by pain,
I dare not fly.

I tire of your incessant games,
No more of your seed do I need.
My wings clipped by none,
I dare to fly.

I fly fast and far in open sky,
Free from hurt inflicted on me.
My wings free for me,
I dare to fly.

Had you loved me, as I should have been,
I’ld have stayed for eternity.
My wings free to be,
In gilded cage.

But without love, who will win?


Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

© Loca Gringa,, and

First Published:  February 12, 2013· by Loca Gringa


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