Cafe Santo Domingo

Coffee came into my life at a very early age.  I come from a coffee drinking family.  Some of my fondest memories are of working with my father outdoors in the early morning of the spring and fall.  Those times when you smell the newness in the air and the mustiness of closing the door for the season.  Or, getting up at the crack of early to go fishing on the river, riding shotgun in the truck, two thermoses at hand and where a little coffee sloshing out onto the seat was no big deal.  Spending the day fishing until we ran out of sandwiches and … coffee.

One day, living in the Vancouver suburb of Marpole, I was riding my bike to work, I had my thermos of coffee and stopped mid hill at a park and poured my self a cup-o-joe.  That moment reminded me of all those other moments with my dad.  It was a crisp fresh spring morning with the dew on the ground.  Every sense was awakened by the smell of the coffee to the memories.  30 years later, that still has impact, damn I just “dated” myself, grrrr.

My sunny way of starting the day ... join me!

My sunny way of starting the day … join me!

Coffee represents a way of life, a culture, a past, present and future.  The very smell conjures up memories.  Coffee times were always at peace.  The love, the camaraderie, or the solitude of that first cup of coffee is life, as I know it.  The socialization with the cup of coffee far supercedes any social media outlet.  There’s really no such thing as a virtual coffee!  No matter how hard we try, Skype just doesn’t cut the muster.

I grew into adulthood nicely, a little stunted by coffee, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.  Geneticists, pft p-shaw, what do THEY know … Went on to have a couple kids who are now adults themselves and yes, they too love the roasted bean.  One so much so that she runs a coffee shop.  Now, we have become coffee snobs.  From Tim Hortons in Canada, Starbucks in Canada and the USA, to the USA’s Caribou Coffee, life just isn’t the same without you.  Life in DR also isn’t the same as in Canada with my collection of antique coffee pots.  Yes, a very good cup of brew came out of these.  I should have brought more than one with me.  Jajaja, can you say UPS anyone!!!

One of the first electric Silex coffee pots.

One of the first electric Silex coffee pots.

The socialization of the Canadian cup of coffee is what I miss most.  “Hey Jeannette!  Time for Timmy Ho’s,” the Canadian abbreviation for Tim Horton’s.  Those cold winter nights meeting up a little frost bitten for a steaming mug.  No longer able to harass my daughter at her place of employment sucks big time.  She makes the perfect cup!  Hell she makes her entire coffee menu perfectly…  That’s why she’s the Jefa 🙂  Even as the Jefa, she too loves her Santo Domingo coffee.  Now that is saying something for the quality of the DR bean!  She never goes home with less than half a dozen pounds in her suitcase.  I suspect if weight was unlimited on the plane her luggage would be much heavier.

The best of La Republica Dominicana.

The best of La Republica Dominicana.

Here in La Republica Dominicana, we have a few Cafe Santo Domingo shops, Krispy Kreme, but it’s just not the same cultural experience.  Sorry DR, they pale by comparisson in flavour and ambiance.  However, Santo Domingo brand coffee itself is my ambrosia.  Now, remember I am Canadiense!  I don’t do those demi-tasses of java, I want a full cup.  Dominicans drink their Joe as do all other espresso drinkers, to a Canadian that is a mere shot, a mere teaser.

Santo Domingo coffee in any pot, with the right amount makes the perfect cup of coffee.  Full bodied (like me), perfect aroma, and purely delicious.  I am not fussy in any way how I drink my Joe.  With excessive sugar as Dominicans do, black, double double, or with just cream, I’m a happy camper.  Lolz, however here in DR, my cream looks a lot like Carnation Evaporated Milk.

Just a spot 'o Joe!

Just a spot ‘o Joe!

When you visit La Republica Dominicana, stop at any of the supermercados off the resorts, $4.00 a pound beats $20.00 a pound, buy yourself some coffee and a stove-top espresso maker.  Both are great value in DR.  Start making new memories.  I promise, they’ll be great!

I raise my cup to you in cheers, with the love of the bean.  Sabor y saludos para todos!

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

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