Travel Theme: UP

I smile as I see the subject of this Travel Theme.  Ironically it is a vantage for all my journeys.  At 4’10” EVERYTHING is up!  Through the uniqueness of looking through the camera lens, photo angles speak volumes.  I never stop long enough to evaluate my surroundings.  But then, a still photograph adds dimension to my life.

Interestingly enough, looking up one day I spotted that Time had stopped!  Quite literally, the clock in the clock tower ceased to function.  I looked at my phone, sure enough it was after 6:00pm.  My imagination gave me an eerie feeling.  Time stopped, the oldest spot in the Americas, what is the meaning of this?  There must be some meaning?  I couldn’t be as simple as cost of labour or repairs, could it?  No there had to be a hidden meaning.

I sat for a few moments and pondered the thought.  Mulling over a cerveza and surveying the area I took stock.  An epiphany struck me!      S  L  O  W     D  O  W  N     it seemed to say.  Yes life moves at breakneck speed.

In a way, my UP is a DOWN, a slow down, relax, and see life.  Yes time has stopped here in Parque Colon, manana, is another day.

Clock Tower, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Clock Tower, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Thank you Ailsa for the inspiration.

Listen to the palms…

~Loca Gringa

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